Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup Advice for My Sweet 16?

Alright so I am having a Vampire/Gothic theme for my Sweet 16 and I need to know what I should do for my makeup, I have an apple red gown, fangs, Red tips in my hair etc. Now I usually wear black eyeliner and drag it out but I am looking for make up style to match this, while still maintaining to the theme. So anyone have any good gothic makeup style looks?Makeup Advice for My Sweet 16?
Do nice and neat black eyeliner, lip liner, mascara, etc. Then smear it all! Neatly smear it though to wear it looks professionally jacked up. Finish it off with a little fake blood at the corner of your mouth and Wa-laa! The bride of Dracula!

Hope I Helped in Scaring the Crap Out of Small Children!

-鈾nigma Est茅tico 鈾?br>


Powder your face white. Not heavy white, but like ';I'm dead'; white.

Oh oh and red red lipstick.Glossy but don't over do it.Makeup Advice for My Sweet 16?
I say color in your whole eyelid with black eyeliner and smudge it around so the WHOLE lid is black. No blush. Line the lips in black and THEN put red over it... gives it that deeper red lip but still looks sexy and not scary. Top off with the biggest false eyelashes you can find (two sets on top of each other if you don't find anything big enough), top only, and smudge black eyeliner around the bottom... bring the inner eye corners to a point (ala Jessica Simpson... scan through some images of her on google and you'll see it)... it's the ultimate cat-eye that is sassy not scary.

Be sure to post photos afterward! :)鈥?/a>

or go to

i'm sure they've got some makeup ideas you could steal from them.

have fun at your sweet16!
black smokey eyes would look cute.

and some red lipstick.
black makeup red lips.

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