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Makeup advice. URGENT!!!!?

Ok. So. I am attending a formal dinner/party this weekend. I am wearing a hot pink shift dress with black heels and a black cardigan. But I have a problem. I have noooo idea what to do with my makeup. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, fairly pale. I need to know what colour eyeshadow etc. Any information would be sooo helpful. Thanks xxxMakeup advice. URGENT!!!!?
Its okay. Dont worry! Im here to help![:

Alright so if your goign to a formal dinner i would say a nice easy smokey eye to go with your black cardigan and shoes and pop out your beautiful blue eyes!

For a clean look put a piece of scotch tape from the corner of your eye to your eyebrow for a diamond kind of shape. First, get a light black/greyish color and apply it all the way to your crease. Then, take a darker black and only put it on the outside corner of your eye. Take the black/greyish color and apply it underneath your eye as well to bring out the color. Then take a black eyeliner and apply it to your upper and lower lids. Some nice black mascara to bring out your lashes will just top your eye make up off!

Then you can use a nice rosy blush to bring out your cheekbones and a clear gloss to make your lips looked plumped!

Remember to be easy with the black eyeshadow because you don't want to look too much! Being natural is key!

Hope i helped[:Makeup advice. URGENT!!!!?
maybe try black eye liner on the top lid w/ a light dusting of smoky brown eye shadow and then a pale pale lip gloss and some blush! Hope this helps!!!
wear dark brown eyeliner and mascara, i would use cover girl lash blast mascara and N.Y.C eye liner (NOT black, thats a no-no for a light skin/light hair/light eyes) and then look at you lips, what ever color your lips are, use a blush that is about the same color, you can use that color for your eye shadow if you want to. by the way your outfit sounds gorgeous i hope u have fun at ur party :D
I think black eyeliner on top lid. and maybe black eyeshadow. Brown would also go, but you should do it so it's toned, like light eyeshadow, then dark if you get me. :)
I would go with simple makeup; put on a little foundation with a pale pink blush. As for eyes; I would go with a neutral eyeshadow with blackish brown mascara and eyeliner. Putting on a little glitter or sparkles as well to make your makeup simple, but with a little pop!
go with the pink eyeshadow
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  • Makeup advice desperately needed!! Any help greatly appreciated. Please read the details.?

    What makeup tips could you offer me, based on my bone structure and coloring? I'm 19 and trying to actually look my age (I'm constantly getting told I look 15 or so). I also would just like to know what might look good on me. Here are a couple pictures of me.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    Thanks!!Makeup advice desperately needed!! Any help greatly appreciated. Please read the details.?
    You are a natural beauty as you are!

    If you want to wear makeup,keep it simple.

    The very first thing I noticed about you was your glowy skin!!! So play that up...

    Start with a sunscreen/moisturizer to protect that great skin. Dust with a finishing loose powder to set.

    A wonderful peachy/coral blush will really play that up, a little black mascara lightly coating your lashes and a bit of shimmery clear or coral toned lip gloss and you are set to go!

    Honestly, that's all you should aim for, because you truly have natural beauty.

    If you want to do something fun for evening.... maybe do just a light dusting of a beige shimmery shadow on the brow bone to play up the eyes and a smudge of a charcoal liner.

    Again.... keep it real simple. You are so very lucky to have such a pretty glow naturally.

    Work it, girl!Makeup advice desperately needed!! Any help greatly appreciated. Please read the details.?
    ooh you have lovely cheek bones : )
    The best thing you can do to look older is contouring your face. That is, use a powder (like a bronzer) that's darker than your skintone and blend it into all the recessed areas (under the cheekbones, the temples, under the jawline) and a slightly lighter colour than your skintone (subtle shimmer really helps) on the higher points (center of forehead, down the center of the nose, center of chin, over the jawline, ontop of your cheekbones). This gives your face a leaner, more sculpted look.

    As for colouring, it depends on your style and how you carry yourself. I'd say something like a gold shadow with a black liner, but that might just be totally not you.

    But either way, make sure your face has defnition. The contouring, the eyeliner even-- take some time to get it nice. A crisp liner with no bumps can make anyone look more mature. (try a gel liner with an angle brush, or even a wet shadow with an angle brush. Eyeliner pencils are just creams and can't hold a fine line) Add some long, curled lashes to open up the eyes, and you're good to go!

    Can't really give anymore advice without knowing you and your style better, but these ones are good for anyone.
    Hey beautiful! I suggest you use dark berry can pull it off because of you skin tone鈥hen use a gentle pinky blush and mascara. You will look fab..not that you really need makeup anyway. Good luck girl!
    I would stay away from bright cheeks or lips a small amount of color on the apples of your cheeks and a neutral gloss on your lips (try a gloss liner in a natural color to keep it in jelly gloss liner by rimmel) Dont put a dark line around your lips...some simple shadow in a light color all over your eyes then a medium shade on your lid and a darker shade under your lashes and just above the crease of yor eye, you are really pretty...if you can buy some inexpensive items and play with them, take pics of's better than a mirror to see how you like it...if not go somewhere they do free makeovers like kohls.
    earth tones on your lids, eyeliner, soft colors on your lips, and a little bit of neutral blush
    You are very pretty,you do not need the make up.Stay natural,
    Nuetrals on your lids.

    Pink blush.

    Berry lipstick or lipstain.
    To get the older look, try fine eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids. Smudge the top a bit to blend with the eyeshadow.

    If you use lip stick, get a lip pencil as the same shade of lip gloss/stick.

    Your very pretty. Good Luck
    I know it's not what you're looking for, but the best way to look your age is to stay really natural.

    maybe some black eyeliner, smudged a little. (bottom and top lash lines) and then some black mascara and a slightly lighter-than-your-skin-tone eyeshadow high up on your eyelashes and that's it.
    You're really pretty! I think a darker colored gloss on your lips would look older and sophisticated for you. Also, black mascara always brings out the eyes and looks nice.

    Makeup advice for school?

    Lately, I've been a bit bored with my usual makeup routine. I usually put on black eyeliner, mascara and minimal coverup because I don't really need it. I have greenish blueish yellow eyes, and an olive skin tone. Nothing fancy because it's for school. Any help?

    It would be most appreciated! :)Makeup advice for school?
    Try getting a different color eyeliner, like purple or forest green. It is a subtle way to change up your makeup routine but it will make your eyes pop. You should also get blush. Peach blush usually looks good on olive skin tones. It will really wake up your face.Makeup advice for school?
    Once you wake up, brush your teeth and wash your face. Make sure you wash your face with a cleanser.

    Take a nice warm shower.

    When you get out of the shower, pat your face dry with a CLEAN towel. Don't rub your face with the towel. That could cause serious damage to your skin.

    Gently massage in a face moisturizer while your face is a little damp.

    Apply foundation. The best kind of foundation to use is mineral powder so it won't clog your pores. You can also try other things, but always remember to wash them off by the time you go to bed - breakouts will wreck your look.

    Apply blush or bronzer to your cheeks to highlight and add dimension.

    Use a soft-colored eyeshadow for your eyes. You want your makeup to bring out your true beauty. Keep it simple and natural.

    Curl your lashes with a lash curler.

    Apply a natural-colored eye liner only if you really need it. Apply it lightly.

    Apply mascara to your lashes. Use clear, brown or black, depending on your needs, but be careful with black mascara - it can look very stark on some people.

    If your lips need color, gently blot on a little lipstick.

    Apply a layer of lip gloss over the lipstick or your natural lips for a little color and shine. If that looks to gaudy on you, just use a moisturizing lip balm.

    Touch up any areas you missed with your foundation, and blend it well along your jawline. If your face is now a different shade than your neck, brush a little bit of foundation down your neck.
    I think a pretty blue would look nice. Try HIP by L'oreal Paris. They have some very pretty blue colors. They are about $6 each, but they come with two colors in each container. They also have a nice gold paired with purple that might look nice on you.
    Playing with eye shadows is always a fun way to mix things up. Also, tinted lip glosses. Since it's for school, you definitely want to keep it simple.
    I always say at the very least...concealer where you need it, mascara, blush %26amp; lip color. This is 5 minutes or less, wakes up the face and you still feel polished.
    Maybe a little bronzer on your cheeks and forehead?

    Makeup advice please?

    I have very dry skin and would like to find a way of applying makeup that will help to keep my skin glowing. I usually use a bit of concealor under my eyes, but even after moisturising I find that a few hours later it has all dried and under my eyes look disgusting. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes (their not that dark, but hereditary and since i havent gotten much sleep look terrible lately) im only 18 and i have so many problems with my skin which is getting me down. please help!Makeup advice please?
    Get yourself some Dr Feelgood from Benefit cosmetics. It comes in a little tin and looks like a white balm or wax and it costs about 拢20. The packaging says to use after foundation but I spoke to my skincare consultant and he said you can use it beforehand. Apply your moisturiser and then use the Dr Feelgood over the top, it will 'lock in' the moisture and also make your skin feel smooth. They apply your concealer on top.

    Good luck :)Makeup advice please?
    Make sure you use a night cream each night and a day cream before you apply your makeup. What about using something like bio oil as part of your routine, it's meant for dry/problem skin. You should also drink lots and try and eat your 5 a day (unless already doing so!) once you have tried that routine you might find your makeup is easier to apply.

    As for your makeup what about trying a tinted moisturiser? Also YSL's Touche Eclait is great on dark circles and is easy to apply.
    I have dry skin aswell and i know what a nightmare it is!

    Before i apply make up, i wash my face and then put moisturizer on.

    I then apply my make up... And i mix my foundation with a little moisturizer and this works for me!

    My skin looks dewy afterwards :)

    Maybe you should try a different brand of concealer! I use MAC Studio stick concealer and MAC MoistureBlend Foundation and it doesnt make my skin flaky at all!
    Neutrogena has a moisturizer that is works really well and it is tinted. I would suggest going to buy that. It would provide some color but it moisturizes really well. You can apply your other makeup over it.
    apply moisturizer before bed and in the morning before putting your concealer on.

    or you can try a foundation that is oil free like pure makeup from Maybelline. Just apply a light layer with a makeup sponge.
    you should wash your face really good at night and apply a soft coat off coco butter it works really good for me and my face is really soft

    Makeup advice - foundation?

    I have sort of pale skin and I like to wear light foundation and colour with bronzer or blush. What's a good breezy light fresh foundation thats low on cost?

    Thanks :)Makeup advice - foundation?鈥?/a>

    awesome light foundation鈥?/a>

    in peach palette. use the darkest shade and blend a bit below ur cheekbone. then use the medium shade and apply on top of cheekbone and blend where the 2 shades meet. the put the lightest one just above your cheekbone as a highlight

    hope i hlpd :]Makeup advice - foundation?
    I use a light foundation from Mark(Avon) it leaves your skin feeling nice and fresh and costs $8.
    You need to find what specifically works for your skin type

    You may want to try going to your nearest drugstore and testing certain products from mass produced lines such as covergirl or maybelline

    If you have a larger budget, go to sephora and ask a saleswoman to find one for you and you can test it

    Do you need makeup advice?

    visit my site

    it has all my favorite products, and everything you need to know about different cosmetics.

    if you have a picture of a celebrity and want to know what products to use / how to apply it to acheive their style, just leave a request as a comment and i'll post it in its own separate blog! let me know what you think; i'm here to help!Do you need makeup advice?
    good work! i will start using your site! :-)

    Back-to-School Makeup advice?

    I need a new look for high school. I have medium brown colored hair and side bangs. It goes down just past my shoulders. Long eyelashes and hazel eyes (brown and green). Light skin and a small amount of freckles. Any advice for anything? Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, hair ideas, foundations?

    Thank you!Back-to-School Makeup advice?
    aww you sound like me!!!

    unless you have acne dont wear foundations and all that,

    we mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes noticable and some lip gloss

    andd blush or bronzer.. idk which ever you like!!

    and hair

    idk if your hair is razored, but if you wanna try something new. its really in!! and just wear cute clothes of course! =]Back-to-School Makeup advice?
    go for a natrual look:

    eyes: light lines of black eyeliner on BOTTOM ONLY

    lashes: ONE coat of mascara on top and bottom

    face: NO FOUNDATION, instead try mineral powder to even out skin

    lips: a little gloss OR light pink lipstick

    Cheeks: a little PINK blush that matches the lipstick!!

    TA DA!
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