Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Minute Makeup Advice?

Tomorrow is my sisters graduation picture day. She's wearing a black %26amp; white dress, and her hair will be down in soft curls (with a straightening iron) I'll be getting her ready. My only issue is in the makeup department. I don't know how to make her look her age with the kind of makeup I'm used to doing. I tried going a little bit lighter but it still looks dramatic.

If anyone could help me find the right kind of makeup I should do for her, that'll really help. Thanks!Last Minute Makeup Advice?
Keep it simple if it was me I'd go with:


Foundation with powder

highlight cheeks with bronzer

Natural eyeshadow - soft pink


Natural lipstick (or choose her favourite lipstick)

I'd also practice the make up before leaving the house - you can always change the eyeshadow and lipstick if it doesn't look right.Last Minute Makeup Advice?
Cover her spots/blemishes with concealer and dust on some lose powder/ mineral foundation.

Apply a nude lipstick and gloss at the centre of the lips.

Use soft shimmer eyeshadow or apply regular light colored one after coating the eyelid with lip balm(looks good.)

The make up is over and looks understated.
just keep it to light neutral tones, like brown liner instead of black, and little or no shadow. for grad pics and school pics, your best bet is to not over emphasize things since the light will probably be harsh. for my school pics i personally just use smashbox photo finish primer, then light powder, and then highlight with cliniques city block shimmer in gold. it adds enough highlight without looking oily on camera.

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