Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Need makeup advice, please?

I recently bleached my hair (working out the yellow with some toner, but so far I like it). Prior to my impulsive decision, I was a medium to dark brunette with a tendency for red tones in the summer. I tan well, a slight olive undertone, but I don't tan often, usually by accident, so my usual skintone is fair. I have blue-green eyes. What make up would look best with this new 'do? My makeup looks best with my darker hair. What works for blonde?Need makeup advice, please?
Pinks and purples.Need makeup advice, please?
Paler hair means paler makeup, so try subtly and I mean SUBTLE golds, pale greens, and for blusher try more golds than pinks. Hope this helps also frame your eyes with a good quality mascara.
Im a blonde...

Im not a very make-up person, but i do where some...

I wear a powder that matches my skin to make it look softer...and definatly mascara! (black) and i have to wear eyeliner and it just makes ure eyes look bold which is great...I wear differend shades of eye shadow (bages, light pinks, greens sometimes, blues) anything which isnt dark.
for eyeshadow i would suggest metalic greys, pinks, peach, purple. For lips i would suggest colored gloss or shimmery peach lipstick. For your foundation go for a simple beige cream and get loose powder in fair to make your face look like porcelain. For your cheeks stick with a pink with slight yellow undertones..like grapefruit. stick with a medium brown liner and brown mascara that seperates cause it is the summer time and you want to look more natural than anything. Hope this helped
Since both your skin and hair is light, you need light colours of eyeshadow, mediembrown eyeliner, and dark brown mascara.

Ice Pink shadow will play up and bring out the blue in your eyes. A bit of ice blue on your brow bone will will look nice also. Greys and silvers will work also.
go for a very natural look
bronzer is good too, since u say u can get a good tan. blonde and tan looks good. max, wet'n'wild make great bronzers. pretty pink lip glosses are nice too
put pencil eyelinner along the top of your eye and then put loads of mascara on!
Black Liquid eyeliner on the top lid and just a little pencil black eyeliner in the outer corner of the bottom lid, blend a mocha pink and brown eye shadow on the top lid, mocha pink blush just on the balls of the cheeks, tinted lip gloss- red... but tone it down with a nude/mocha lipliner

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