Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have red hair, makeup advice?

Okay I have red hair, and light freckles (pretty much only on my nose). I usually use black mascara, black eyeliner (not very often), and bronze/brown, gray, or white eyeshadow.

I'm wondering any more suggestions for eyeshadow or anything. Oh and please only post if you like KNOW something looks nice. A lot of colors can look horrible on me, such as yellow, pink, orange.

any tips?I have red hair, makeup advice?
* Avoid pink or olive toned foundations. Foundation bases with pink tones make your face look more pink than it naturally is and olive tones make you look sickly---pick a neutral, biege-like foundation. A little yellow is ok, but only a little.

* Pick soft pinks and warm shades of blush to give yourself a healthy glow. If you like bronzer, use it lightly.

* Red-brown or dark brown are best for both eyeliner and mascara, though it depends on your shade of red hair. Strawberry blondes should always stick with light browns, but darker redheads can get away with black.

* Go gold! Dusting a little gold on your eyelids or cheek bones looks incredible on redheads. I think because gold is so vibrant in the sun just as red hair is, they ';mesh'; well together.I have red hair, makeup advice?
I am not the type of person who believes you have to have a certain hair color, eye color, or skin color to wear a certain shade. That is one misconception many people have. Hun u can wear ANY color just as long as you blend it well and you are comfortable wearing it.

Maybe you didn't blend the yellow pink and orange well or you probably didn't match it with an alternative color very well. Hun a redhead can rock the same colors a Burnett and blonde can wear because I have seen many red heads rock pink, orange, and yellow looks. I will suggest since summer time is around the corner try and use brighter colors, however if you are not the type of girl who feels comfortable in bold colors and do not want to stand out like that maybe neutral looks are better such as your browns, nudes, whites,etc.
Ok i have red hair too so i know your problem. I assume you're pale skinned like myself, so bright colors are a no no because they will wash you out more. Darker colors will make your eyes be more dramatic, but only use them in moderation...dark green and dark blue are good. Chocolate browns for eyeliner works. I don't generally use more makeup than just for my eyes so I don't have any real suggestions for anything other than your eyes, but yea...that's pretty much what ive discovered so far.
I think the eyeshadow colors you already use look beautiful on redheads. If I were you I might choose brown/black or brown mascara and eyeliner. As far as colors you should wear, I guess it depends on your shade of red. Sounds like you already know what makes you look good. I think red hair is beautiful.
i'm going to say go with dark neutrals like a bronzy brown.

use white eyeshadow as the base

then use the bronzy brown to cover the top half and part of the eylid,

then use a draker brown in the crease of ur eyelid.

use a brown eyeliner or a black, but not tooo much black.

if u want to use more colors just go with a green or a dark green.
i have red hair as well and i have the most amazing foundation....i use Dinair Airbrush Makeup and its amazing...its the only foundation ive ever used that doesnt looking orange and stuff...it makes my skin look flawless. I love it. if u go to google and type in Dinair you'll find their site and u can look it over... I really just think its amazing. they have eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, bronzer and stuff.
Im a redhead too and totally understand your position. A bronze eyeshadow usually is one of the best things for us redheads to wear. Also you could go for more a brown eye with brown mascara and eyeliner. Good luck :-)
its always nice to try cat eye looks(:


try green, purple and always do the smokey eyeshadow on this kind of colors cause u wanna look as if its dark shaded,
yeah, i have red hair too. um i like to use golds, purples, browns and charcoal colors on my eyes. earthtones are a safe bet. just experiment and see what you think looks good. good luck!
I think warm colors would look nice. Such as:

Bronze eyeshadow

Black mascara

Light lipstick/lip gloss

Maybe some very light blush

And u are always beautiful the way u r :)
keep it clean. Light colors, try browns for the mascara, eye liner and a pale lipstick. What ever you do DONT use a dark eye shadow or blush.
You wanna go for a natural look and avoid dark eyeliner and mascara as well. And if you have light colored eyes a little bit will go a long way =)
greens and browns look good with red hair, i would stay away from black eyeliner, it looks a little trashy against fair skin. Red heads should never wear pink!!
try green nataral makup?

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