Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pale skin makeup advice?

I have pale skin, brown eyes, and my hair is red. I have no problems with redness or anything and I need some makeup advice. thanks for your time^^Pale skin makeup advice?
Jelly pong have makeup for pale skin.

I have pale skin and use Miss Sporty products except for foundation, there I use clinique superbalanced, gives a fresh dewy finish. I put it over nivea lotion for sensitive skin or clinique dramatically different moisturiser. I use a pale pink eyeshadow as a blusher as I'm a pale skinned pale blonde. It would also go well with your colouring. My favourite is almay eyeshadow collection, has 3 colours. brown i use on my eyes, pale pink i use as blush and beige i use as a highlighter sometimes or to tone with the other eye colour.Pale skin makeup advice?
nothing too dark or intense, like no black eyeliner. i would think pastel green and kinda light purple eyeliner would look pretty. or brown, but that might look kinda dull and ordinary.

alot of ppl think mascara on light-colored lashes looks horrible, but i think it might look exotic...in a good way ;] so try it, but nothing too clumpy or thickk...just some light, thin mascara.(maybe brown colored[if thats possible hahah] if black doesnt look good)

if you want eyeshadow, gold would look pretty. coordinate the colors with your outfitt! i think that realllyyy looks good.

keep in mind that this is my opinion! alotta ppl dissagree, cause i like the exotic and colorful idea. :)

if you have pale skin and

you dont want to look scary.. haha

DONT use black eyeliner

black/brown mascara is perfect for your skin

and brown eyeliner will go better with your skin.

for eyeshadows stick to.. bronze, golds, and some pale greens.

for lips dont use browns.

instead use champainge colors

and light pinks.
try something sheer since youre not trying to conceal anything. i love bare minerals bc it goes on natural looking and is healthy for your skin. they have starter kits for $60 or $65 with several light shades to pick from, and they include a bronzer called warmth. it looks really dark so be careful! use a light blush and very little bronzer all over if you want a little tint but be careful--id have someone at a makeup counter help you pick a shade and show you how to apply it so u dont wear too much. u dont want to buy a cheap one from the drug store bc then you wont be able to try it and will most likely end up with something too dark
use a powder (not foundation, it will clog up your pores causing breakouts) that is the exact or one shade darker than your skin tone.

use an eyeliner the same color as your eyes.
if you have red hair ...where some natural colors like brown or pinkish color

but dont make it to dark :)

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