Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need some makeup advice!!!?

I am white, and have bluish green eyes with dark strawberry blonde hair. I need something makeup tips. I am kinda young and I try to stay away from lots of eyeliner, but I just can't help it... i think it looks so good. But anyway, do you have any advice for what i told you above and this is just for a everyday school look.I need some makeup advice!!!?
just eyeliner and mascara, keep it simple bc when your that young and you overdo your makeup, you look old and hooker like, which im sure you dont do, since you have bluish green eyes, i advise you to try a wee little bit of eye shadowthat compliments your tones ( just dont over do it)I need some makeup advice!!!?
The picture you gave seems very nice. If I were you I wore light or dark pink lipsticks and light blue eyeliner.

which make you look more beautiful and have school look too.

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