Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do i look? & do i need some makeup advice?


I just started wearing makeup.And i need the truth if i need it or not?And some makeup advise if needed.How do i look? %26amp; do i need some makeup advice?
just use less eyeliner on the top and its fine :DHow do i look? %26amp; do i need some makeup advice?
You're really pretty!

Just be careful, I can see you have dark circles around your eyes, like almost everyone. Try a good concealer.

And don't forget to apply mascara to your bottom lashes!
your beautiful... its fine...
your a very pretty!! just keep doing it the way you are.
I am only fourteen, but I am really good with makeup! I am loving your eye makeup, but probably try to use a mascara that will enhance your eyelashes and make them stand out more. Your lips are perfect. Hard to believe you have only just begun using makeup! And I love your shine! I usually hate shiney skin on anyone, but yours looks so natural. But the real test is waiting to see how long it lasts for. When you have an instant shine with makeup, it generally ends up even more shinier after wearing it for a while. So watch out for that. But yeah! As a normal, everyday makeup job, that is wonderful!
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