Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lower lid makeup advice?

Any tips for lower lid makeup and lining? I never apply any makeup on the lower lid, if I do, it looks unnatural. Also, is there a special technique if you have e.g. a slightly bigger distance between your eyes and the mouth (i.e. your face is slightly elongated)?Lower lid makeup advice?
I use the basic technique of your base color on the lower lid, then lining the crease with a darker version of your base color, or even black. Then, depending on my mood, I start out thin with liquid eyeliner near my tear duct, and make the line thicker as I reach the other side. I finish that off with a little 'wing' effect.

If you need a physical demonstration, search some on YouTube. A lot of people on YouTube have great tutorials for basic eye make-up.Lower lid makeup advice?
i'm not quite sure of anything for the second part, but as for the first part, you could try a light brown eyeliner (i like clinique's) and if you have smaller eyes, then go from the middle outward (so they dont look too small), but with bigger eyes you can do the entire lower lid.

or you can try putting on a little bit of mascara on the lower lid, but someitmes its tricky not to get it on your skin

sometimes i even put a little bit of light or golden-y eyeshadow right near where you put the eyeliner to make my eyes standout and look a bit brighter.

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