Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair and makeup advice?

i really wanna try some thing different. i have green eyes and brown hair. what color eye shadow and eye liner would suit me? also i have a square face and i want to get layers in my hair but my hair is thin so would i still be able to do that? and would a side fringe suit a person with that shaped face?Hair and makeup advice?
purple really brings out green eyes go with some violet eyeliner(but not to much), black mascara, and light eyeshadow, side bangs would definitley look good on someone with a square face it softens the square lookHair and makeup advice?

I suggest you don't do layers because everyone has them.

And thin hair doesn't really look too good with layers, because you can't see them very well. As far as make up goes, maybe a teal liner, or navy, even brown. Black is very simple, if you want that.

Eyeshadow just brings color to your eyes, do not use too much, maybe a little white on the lower lid and a green above that to match your eye color.

I'm not sure what side fringe is, but if you mean side bangs, yes it'd be fine.

I hope I helped!
For green eyes use a purple liner and lilac and green tones because it brings out the green :)

Yeah i have seen plenty of people who have a square shaped face with a side fringe but dont have it to thick xxx鈥?/a>

I like her makeup techniques.

And yes you can layer your hair; layers will actually help you with creating more volume.

And a side fringe suits everyone...
almay makes this line of eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara for every color eyes there is.

i have blue. and the colors make my eyes POP.

try the green eyes collection.
brown eyeliner and green eye shadow would bring out your eyes. layers work for everyone, my hair is thin too and i have them. and side bangs suit everyone.
i think green asnwer mine?;鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

hold on lemme find a hair one..
i would go with dark brown eyeliner, a light gold shadow and black mascara. or maybe a deep purple eyliner, shimmery pinkish white shadow and black mascara. either one would look gorgeous on you! good luck

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