Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need makeup advice?

I'm a dancer and I need something to make my eyes pop on stage. I'm looking for the best glittery eyeshadow or lose glitter for eyes available. It has to be long lasting, and relatively inexpensive. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for something you can buy in the cosmetics section of a drug store.I need makeup advice?
The best thing to do is find an eye shadow PRIMER. This will make your eyeshadow last a long time.

Then, find any glittery eyeshadow you want in the drugstore. Pick what you like, It doesn't;t matter so much cuz the primer will make it last.I need makeup advice?
um...i'm not sure about cheap ones, but urban decay does AMAZING glitter eyeliners in like every colour, they're SO good. They're 拢11.50 in england, not sure about america. I think you can buy it from most department stores and maybe some drugstores. Good luck, hope i helped and good luck for your dance show :) x
well honestly i would say MAC eyeshadows , but inexpensive i would saay .. maybeline eyeshadow . its pretty good and they have amazing colors !
check out loreal h.i.p. stuff its funky and i wear it alot because it comes in such cool colors

or check out urban decay at sephora its a litle more expensive but also really glam looking

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