Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair and makeup advice?

I have long brown hair with blonde highligts my hair is freezy and wavy.i flat iron it some times but most of the time i just throw it in a pony tail. how do i tame this stupid frizz bomb of hair and what make up shoould i wear?Hair and makeup advice?
ha ha i have the same issue. my hair does not stay flat and i straighten it sometimes but it takes forever! i started using this stuff called bounce creme (i know wierd name) but it controls my hair and i can wear it down without it being a total mess. and makeup really depends on your skin color and time of day. if you are going out at night i suggest like shimmer eyeshadow maybe and colors like some deep purples or grays. and black eyeliner and mascara. if you are out during the day maybe soome conservative colors like a brown or shimmery light pink and brown eyeliner and mascara. have fun :)Hair and makeup advice?
my hair is thick %26amp; has natural curls ,

so what i do is i straighteen it in thin layers ,

i clip the rest of it up so it doesnt get in the way ,

i straighteen , then i comb it immediately after ,

and just continue with that until its all done :]

another thing that would help to keep it straight is straightning products . i like the professional kinds the most *i use biolage* , since they dont leave your hair sticky like most drugstores .

%26amp; for the makeup , it depends on what kind of look your going for .

eyeliner %26amp; mascara really make your eyes stand out .
Straightening your hair is a good way to make it straight and usually not frizzy. Make shure you get a hair product that will keep it straight and frizz-free. Fer makeup, it depends what skin tone and what color your eyes are. If you're more of a pale color, dont go fer shades too dark that make your eyes look like a racoon. If your a medium tan-tan, go fer a more natural brown and bronze kind of look. For more makeup tips, check out different websites that provide this information.
My hair does the same some times, but I have recently bought After Party. It works awesome!! It doesn't say to put it on before you flat iron but I do so it's not greasy looking because it is a creme. Bed Head is expensive but way worth it.

**Hair manipulator works for styles**

You may try pinning back bangs if you have any, or putting half up half down, or maybe low in front of ear pigtails. When I do pigtails I usually do them right above my shoulder.
i had the same problem 1 year ago and my hair dresser advised on me having it cut shorter and i did then she gave me this shampoo to use its called Vosene or T-gel and my hair stay quite straight btw i had my hair cut into a bob and i wear avon make-up which is really good and does not give me spots
silk drops repair and shine serum by regis is a godsend for frizzy/ damaged hair [:

its kind of pricey though, but worth it.

and everydayminerals.com has the best foundation by far, voluminous mascara by loreal, and yea, pretty much anything from everydayminerals.com :D

hope this helped

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