Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup advice for Humidity?

Hey guys,

I am going to Malaysia to live for a few years and it is very hot, tropical climate... Humid all year round..

I would like to wear eyemakeup and maybe at least some kind of face powder or something...

Does anyone have any advice? Anyone live in a humid climate?

Should I just forget about makeup all together?Makeup advice for Humidity?
Well first off, why are you going to Malaysia? If it's for some sort of hardcore humanitarian work or something I would recommend little to no makeup. You won't need it. No one will care. All you might need is a good sun screen. If it's for something like business, however, I would try a powder foundation. I can't imagine trying to wear liquid foundation in a muggy, humid climate. Ew. Maybe a good water-proof mascara and some eyeshadow. All water-proof stuff would be important.Makeup advice for Humidity?
Why wear makeup? Are you not that pretty.

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