Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok so I need some makeup advice?

Okay. so i dont have a fat face because im not chubby...but I have a big round face. and id really like to know how to slim it down. any advice or makeup tricks?

heres a picture so you can see what im talking about.鈥?/a>Ok so I need some makeup advice?
your face is not round at all but contouring ur cheeks will slim your cheeks down Ok so I need some makeup advice?
Your face isn't round, sweetie, but I think I know what you're talking about.

Try using blush to make your cheekbones look more defined, that should help...Also, use some awesome eye makeup to draw the attention to your eyes, if you're self conscious about your face shape.
you don't even have a round face retard.

i'm not even going to give you advice. you're f!!!cking ridiculous if you think you have a round face. wow, RE-TARD!
u look perfectly fine. srsly. i'm not just saying it to get 10 points. u. look. fine. dont worry about something that doesnt exist. :)
I think your face shouldnt change
omg i love your face! it matches you. im serious, but id say be a vegiterian for a week :)
well i think that bronzer on your cheek bones create a longer looking face. You eyebrowsthat'ss the key. A good arch can change the face completely.So take some money and go have themdon'tt professionally. By the way you don'tt have a very round face your very pretty.

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