Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup advice eyeliner mascara, everything!?

ok im 14 with light brown eyes and dark brown hair. i use dark drown eyeliner and black mascara now.... what about the colors and eye shadowMakeup advice eyeliner mascara, everything!?
Everyday wear:

I would stick with a dark brown mascara, it will accentuaute your eyes better and won't seem as harsh as the black.

For eyeshadow I'd go with some golden tan colors. That should help to bring out the brown in your eyes, pair it with a peach blush and a peach-tinted lipgloss.

Fun Time:

You can totally expirament with funky bright colored eyeliners, like wet-n-wild brand, they're $1 each, soif you don't like the color, you didn't waste a lot of money.

If you're skin has yellowish or orange-ish tones, go for colors that are warm and have golden tones to it- like peach, coral, olive green, reddish violet, orange, brick red, etc.

If you're skin has pink undertones to it, you want to use cool colors- blue, violet, green, pink, burgundy, etc.Makeup advice eyeliner mascara, everything!?
First things first - you should never overpower your eyes with too much makeup, as that can actually make them look smaller.

Also, lining the inner rims of your lower lids with a shimmery white, silver or gold liner will not only make your eyes appear bigger, but also brighter. These light-reflecting colors will instantly brighten up dark inner corners, making your whole eye area appear larger. A light hue can also make the whites of your eyes look bigger, as opposed to defining their borders with dark eyeliner, which can make them look small and squinty. To get the look, first sharpen the pencil to ensure that it鈥檚 clean before it touches your eyes. Next, soften and warm up the tip by rubbing it on the back of your hand. This will help the pencil glide effortlessly along your skin. Finally, run the liner along your inner rims from inner to outer corners. Finish with two coats of lengthening mascara.

If you want to get a great tutorial on applying eye makeup, check out this link from Daily Makeover, which shows celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy, giving some great how-to's:鈥?/a>

Hope I helped! Rachel Hayes, Editorial Director of Daily Makeover

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