Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup advice... please help with new colours. ?

OK, I have black hair, very dark brown eyes, white skin with a pinkish/yellow undertone. I tan fairly easily. Atm I wear pink blush, gold eyeshadow, black mascara, clear lipgloss. I have been thinking about changing my colours ... what do you think I should do? If you know anything about makeup I'd like your advice ...Makeup advice... please help with new colours. ?
make up works with opposites so with you look you try several different looks,

try dark blue and purple to contrast with you eyes and skin, also a darker green will bring out your eyes,

beware not to go too pink with your blusher with this look or you will look a little ott,

the darker you go on your eyes the paler your lips should be

incontrast because of your dark hair and pale complection you could try a ver old school glamour look with red lips and a line of liquid liner alonge the top of your eyes, and mascara, this look takes some guts tho,

hope this helps

Makeup advice... please help with new colours. ?
i personally prefer natural colours as it looks a lot more classier and professional, you clearly suit cold tones with having black hair and pink/yellow undertones so i would suggest ditching the gold as this is a warm colour and choosing a cold coloured eyeshadow, pink, blue, white/silver etc...
well, i would go with a foundation closest to your skin, then maybe add bronzer, and then sea blue, or dark lime green eyeshadow, black mascara, black eyes, and a natural pink lip gloss color.

if you apply blue/green non your top, and bottom lids, it will make your eyes pop, and more awaken, :)
i like the look of bright pink of blue under the eyes like as if it were eye liner. it looks hot! try...
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