Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ladies, please help with makeup advice?

For halloween, as a joke, I am going to dress like wonder woman. I want to go all out and can you give me some general makeup advice?Ladies, please help with makeup advice?
if you want to go ALL OUT i would reccomend eyeliner. you want to apply it on your waterline if you want a thick like, or a thin like right below your waterline, and a thick line on your top lid. but i cant even get it on my top lid so you might want to buy liquid eyeliner in a brush, because its easier. I would reccomment just wearing mascara and eyeshadow. first for mascara you might want to buy maybelline great lash, it works great. ok look up towards the celing and take the brush and brush it onto your lashes or just wear fake lashes. and eyeshadow just wear a shimmery pink or tan, and you can just brush it on. you can also wear bright red lipstick and bright red blush. you can just buy them at a drug store for cheap, any brand works but i wouldnt recommend n.y.c. you can also just ask any girl, they should know. ok hope i helped.Ladies, please help with makeup advice?
don't try to use eyeliner. that's for women only, for whatever occasion.

trust me, you won't look like wonderwoman that way

you CAN try mascara and eyeshadow, though
wow... okay you dont want to put too much, and definetly be very carful around your eyes, look for a picture and try to have someone do it 4 u
I would say red lips, a little black eyeliner and mascara that's all Linda Carter used.
hahaha. thats sweeet.

you should wear red lipstick and fake eyelashes and red white and blue eyeshadow.

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