Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blue eyes, tan skin. makeup advice?

I recently died my hair a darkish medium brown, i have pretty tanned skin but not goldeny, and have a darkish blue eyes with some green tones(color contacts). what kind of makeup is best pinky, peachy, or something else?Blue eyes, tan skin. makeup advice?
If you're going for a glam and dramatic look, i would try a shimmery dark brown or gray; starting dark at the bottom of the lid and lightening as you reach the brow line. Use black eyeliner, just not too heavy, and black mascara (Maybeline works best for me). Also, use a peachy-bronze blush and a shiny, clear (nude) lip. I hope this helps! :]Blue eyes, tan skin. makeup advice?
it depends what your style is i would say stay natural little mascara and concealer with a nude lip or clear lip gloss
for you skin and hair type, you most definately wanna try a coral blush color this will give you an effect that looks like you have an amazing sunkissed look. follow by eyeliner and mascara and a lipstick color that's pretty light or either dark no in betweens.
already beautiful, no need makeup !!!
Probably like a strawberry pinkish or reddish lipstick, maybe dark brown eye liner, and rosey pinkish purplish blush. Hope it helps. :]
depends what type of look your going for. try golds, purples, and browns. they usually bring out lighter colored eyes especially blue.

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