Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup advice please!-how to cover up pimples??

tinted moisturizer, concealer, then add on a light a mount of powder foundation but always make sure you use acne cleansers every morning and night you'll get clear skin in no timeMakeup advice please!-how to cover up pimples??
i have the type of skin that doesnt break out, but when i get a pimple - the whole world can see it!

first, treat it! i use clean and clear maximum strength persa gel 10. i seriously see results in one day! i usually put it on once in the morn, once before i go to bed (on the spot - or even if i think i see one creating itself)

next - be careful when you cover it. use something light so it doesnt completely clog your pores, which lengthens the healing time. i use true blends mousse formula. (always get foundation in a color 1/2 shade lighter than your skin tone, it blends better and doesnt leave lines)

finally - a powder. such as physicians formula mineral face powder. its a non pore clogging face powder that really covers blemishes. (works great on the dark circles under my eyes)

and make sure you wash your face every morning and every night as well! hope i helped :-)Makeup advice please!-how to cover up pimples??
You should neverrr try to cover up pimples. That could only make them worse. If you don't have any special facial cleansers just use the good ol' fashion soap and water. Keep you skin moisturized and it should go away in no time that way you don't have to cake on make-up and make even more pimples, and make your skin even worse.

concealor one shade lighter than your foundation.

Also green concealor neutralizes the red spot. Then cover with concealor.

Compact powder foundation then concealer..!

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