Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey, I need some makeup advice?

okay, i don't really wear makeup. the closest i've come to wearing makeup is burt's bees lip balm.

i have almond shape green eyes, nice-ish skin, and pretty full lips. (very humble, i know). what i'm wondering is whether or not makeup can enhance my natural look, and if so, what should i use?Hey, I need some makeup advice?
It sounds like you already have pretty nice features. Lucky you!! But as the saying goes, a little goes a longggg way.

-Eyes: For a simple look I would go with a good coat of mascara on your lashes. Be sure to curl it before your apply the mascara. This simple make up technique will make your green eyes pop! To enhance your look a little more (maybe for a night out) I would suggest applying some eyeliner on your top lid. This will make your eyes even bigger with the addition of mascara. You don't need to cake or layer it on. A thin line (very close to the lash line) will make a huge difference. Make sure you practice a few times before you have a big event. Liquid eyeliner (what is usually suggested for top lids) are not tricky to master but do take practice.

-Face: Since you already have a pretty clear face you really don't need any foundation. If you have a greasy t-zone I would suggest using a translucent power (Bare Minerals Mineral Veil) to help with the shiny-ness. If you don't have that problem, then your lucky. If your up for it, you can enhance your cheek bones with some bronzer or blush. Make sure that when you do apply it you smile to see where the apples of your cheek are and brush upwards. For blush I would recommend NARS Orgasm. Its a bit pricy but totally worth it. Go to a Sephora and try it out before you buy it.

-Lips: Personally I don't wear lipstick or colored lip glosses. I think my natural lip color best suits my face. I personally LOVE Burt's Bees but recently I have also started to love C.O. Bigelow lip balms. You can find these in your local Bath and Body Works. My favorite is the Metha Lip Shine because it makes your lips shine for a long time. Plus, its clear so it enhances your natural lip color.

If your not sure what to purchase, I suggest this website: It reviews almost every product imaginable. So before you buy you can see what other people think.

Good luck!Hey, I need some makeup advice?
just some mascara and a little blush to warm ur face. if ur don't need make up then dont wear it
Well i say just use a lip liner nude or pinkish and fill lips in with a clear or pinkish lip gloss, since your lips are full i don;t suggest lipstick, i also have full lips and lip gloss does just fine just the right amount of shine.
get a new face
if ur already beautiful u dont havr too, but i guess tou can add some mascara. or eyeliner
I agree with the person above me. (edit : haha, nevermind, lots of people above me now!) If I were you, I might try some different eye makeups, but that'd be it. I have the same eyes as you... and most people say that purple shades are good for eyes. But I really don't like the way that makes my eyes look, you know?

Maybe try black eyeliner and Maybelline Full N' Soft mascara. Or brown eyeliner could be okay, but it's too light for me. And actually... try great lash or something cheap before full n' soft. If you don't end up liking the whole makeup thing, you'll only be out $3 instead of $9. :D

Good luck.
not wearing make-up is very sexy. All those other girls wear make-up and would be jealous like me of your prettiness. but if you really want to put make-up on, just use shiny lip gloss and maybe, if you wanna go a bit further, put on some mascara.
You sound like you are a natural beauty, which there is nothing wrong with that! If I was you, I would just add some mascara to only your top lashes (try Covergirl VolumeExact). Because they are on your top lashes, it gives a very subtle yet pretty, angelic look. Since your skin is good, (which mine is pretty good too) try using Neutrogena Mineral Sheers. It's a powder foundation that's built into the brush. It gives really sheer coverage and it makes my skin glow. To top it off, maybe try some lipgloss (probably clear or a light pink color would suit you). This is exactly what I do for makeup and it looks like I'm barely wearing makeup at all but it still enhances my features, which I think would work for you. GOOD LUCK!
yess use makeup.

go to MAC. its the best and they'll work with you with oily, dry, smooth or whatever type of skin. they'll totally knowwhat to do and what's for you. good luck!!

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