Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friend's fancy dress party - makeup advice?

I'm going as a ballerina, so pink corset, pink tutu and pink leggings.

I have thick black hair, blue eyes and very pale skin. What colour makeup would look best with my outfit?Friend's fancy dress party - makeup advice?
not much makeup, just a little foundation, blush, lipgloss and maybe a alittle pink eyeshadow and mascaraFriend's fancy dress party - makeup advice?
Baby blues, bubblegum pink, purple, silver - any colour for eyeshadow, white.grey eyeliner, clear volumising mascara and curl them, simple lipgloss in clear , light foundation and simple blush.

Think clean and fresh but dont overdo the pink on your make up or you will risk looking like a marshmallow!
smear black paint all over your eyelids. also on your lips. as a matter of fact, put it all over your face, spencer pratt
mascara lippy eye shadow eyeliner blusher
purples and greys!

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