Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need makeup advice please?

I'm wanting to switch makeup or just start over, can i have some advice on colors, brands on what I should do...he's a link鈥?/a>I need makeup advice please?
Mac is defintiely a great brand. For your every day makeup, I would go with a little bit of bronzer to add warmth to your skin tone. You can't forget the eyeliner and mascara. As for eyeshadow, a light blue, olive green, or warm brown would be great with your skin. Add a little coat of gloss and you are good to go!

I hope I helped! Good luck!I need makeup advice please?
Cant never go wrong with neutral colors.. Revlon 2 in one makeup is great.. you should probably wear the ';sand beige'; i believe it's #3. On your eyelids.. go with light beige and darker brown above. Blk mascara and soft lipgloss like sand color.

I would put some mousse on your hair and use a diffuser..and dont forget the silver hoops earings.

Wanna see the afterwards. :P

Good luck
i think you need to go to the spa .
you look perfect,,,love the glasses

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