Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need makeup advice. How?

How should I do my makeup?

Here is a picture. And for the record- I am the one on the right. ;) need makeup advice. How?
For everyday I would play up your lips, lipstick/gloss, and tweeze brows--the strays, and keep your shape that it is now. A little powder and mascra and you're done.I need makeup advice. How?
You know, it's never how you should do your make up... but rather, what you want to do with your make up. If you ever ask anyone, they'll probably say that the safest bet is the most natural look.

You should probably look at some make up looks and see which ones you like. I suggest one of my biggest make up gurus, Aubrey, because she's got a variety of looks to choose from, as well as TUTORIALS for them!!!

Aubrey is one of the biggest gurus on youtube about make up and hair. She's got tons of videos for all sorts of make up and hair styles. I've learned how to do my make up from her. Her youtube account is this:鈥?/a>
for foundation- get powder! no liquid, i suggest bear mineral(it's like $13 at ulta just for the foundation, and get one that is your skin tone, not darker. then go to the drug store and get bronzer, it doesn't matter which one,(again, i suggest bare minerals, but it gets expensive) but don't put a lot on, lightly brush it on, and just enough that it makes your face have a little bit of a tan and a glow. but make sure you do your jaw line and a little bit of your neck so it won't be 2 different colors. (the whole point is to make it look natural)

eye shadow- i would either use a light light pinkish color or like a golden-brown shimmery color ;) it will make your eyes stand out and make then pop!

mascara- never splurge on mascara, because they all do the same thing. i use cover girl and it's orange(i don't remember the name) and it works really good.

*make sure you get an eyelash curler! use it right before you put on your mascara and after(but wait until it dries)

and i don't think you need to wear eyeliner. :)

i hope i helped!!
Wow your beautiful you don't need it. It does depend on the occasion. Since you do have beautiful full lips you don't need loud bright lipsticks. but focus on your eyes and you beautiful cheeks.
You don't need much at all. I would get a powder makeup and lightly brush it on. I would get black eye liner and line your bottom lid and mascara. Then I would get a tinted lip gloss. You have a great complexion, concentrate on bringing out your eyes.
You have a very nice earthy look. It's very apealling, maybe some eyeliner would work. But you're fine, as is

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