Thursday, June 24, 2010

Help, I need makeup advice?

Usually I do my makeup the same but I want to do some changes, does anyone have some suggestions on makeup procedures(for eyes especially). How about how to do a sexy smoky eye look? By the way I'm tan-skinned, with dark brown hair.Help, I need makeup advice?
Alexis Vogel, who does Pamela Anderson's and Shanna Moakler's makeup, does awesome smoky eyes. With your coloring, smoky eyes would be great!

She does the smoky eye look by holding a cloth or tissue at a 45 degree angle under the eye (tilted towards the top of the ear) and she sweeps dark shadow under the eye, along the lower lash line and in the crease of the eye (between brow bone and eyelid).

That way you get the smoky look without raccoon eyes.

False eyelashes help a lot, too.

I know her trick because I have a video by her~~I'll see if I can find a link. The link below is a start for you. : )Help, I need makeup advice?
yea the smoky look is in. but u have to have a light color slightly on the eye also. to give it the effect. i usually will use a light pinkish white color. and i dont use a liner b/c it's already smoky looking. also it looks good with s shade colse to your skin tone but a little lighter
It's great to break out of routine and mix up your makeup look! This stops you from becoming a slave to your makeup.

First of all, since you are tan and a brunette, it's probably a good idea to stay within a warm color palette. Think warm browns, golds, and bronzes, not cool grays or frosty pastels.

Some easy, fun new things you could try:

1) Shimmery bronze eye shadow.

2) Sexy smoky eye, like you suggested. Just smudge brown/black eyeliner around your eye, making it a bit thicker on the upper lid, and brush a dark shimmery bronze/brown shadow over your eyelid. For even more drama, dip a Q-tip or brush into water, get some of the shadow on it, and apply it on your lower lid as well! Remember to clean up under the eye area so you won't have raccon eyes.

3) Try a product you don't normally wear. For example, if you don't usually wear blush, try wearing some rosy peach blush! Bronzer works well too. Even wearing lipgloss can be exciting if you don't normally wear it.

4) Try eye makeup in fun colors, for fall a deep wine and shimmery plum colors look great. Olive would also work really well with your skin tone. If you are shy about color, subtly line your upper lashline with a dark plum, navy, or olive liner/shadow.

5) Play up one feature and blast it out! Make a statement with your lips using a bright or deep colour, play up eyes with smoky shadow, or go for a healthy look with deeply flushed cheeks. Just remember that when one feature has so much attention on it, play down everything else! And choose colors wisely (nothing fake looking, like hot pink blush).

Peace and good luck! ;)
Try using a darker shade in the crease and on the outside corners, sweep that same colour closer to the middle. Then switch to a neutral colour for the rest of your eyelid and blend. try using different colours, you can never go wrong with trying new bold looks as long as you blend. Instead of brushing a light colour underneath your brow, use your blush (loosely) its a nice change. Hope this helps(and makes sense), It's usually easier to show someone what I do rather than type it.

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