Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup advice for a teenage guy?

my skin is very oily and i constantly have blemishes especially on the sides of my nose and below it and on my forehead.

i sometimes sneak a little of my girlfriends makeup to help cover the red spots if im going out somewhere.

can anyone recommend the best thing i could buy to cover my spots without making my skin oiler then it already is?

i think my girlfriends stuff is covergirl concealer and it works well but its just very greasy. im not looking to wear make up, just cover up the redness around my nose. any product reccomendations ladies?Makeup advice for a teenage guy?
i suggest getting proactive skin solution, it works for both men and women. I tried it and i have barely any blemishes now, its really good, and it truely does work

as for the make-up issue

since your skin is oily i suggest getting oil absorbing pads, (they make these for guys too) and wiping your face once or twice a day

its not healthy to cover up blemishes with make up, it clogs up your pores, and just creates more problems

lets face it cover girl concelear isnt the most expensive thing, and it doesnt have minerals or any natural product in it, its really bad for your skin

just get rid of the pimples through natural medication

also if you improve your diet, and start eating healthier, your skin will get better as wellMakeup advice for a teenage guy?
clean your skin with cleanses and peels. Go to the mall and ask the ladies at the counter what cleansers to get.
idk about all the skin stuff but put some guyliner on! its awesome
dont use makeup to control oil it is better to use a clean and clear face wash and if want to use make up then first rub ice on your face it will control excess oil and your make up will be no greasy
makeup is for girls
Okay to start out every day you should wash your face but if you want like a cream sort of thing you should totally get this oil free acne wash (daily scrub) (micro clear technolgy) by neutrogena it is really good i use it. and it seems like what you should use: .It cleans deep into pores and helps stop breakouts before they start. It clears congested pores and speed treatment deep to the source. The gentle microbeads

cut through oil, and dissolve dirt.
use foundation
first everyday wash ur facewith a good face wash i use clean and clear foaming facial wash and then put foundation on and do this until the redness is gone but continously use the face wash
a press powder just to matt the skin so it doesn't look shiny. and invest in some fase wash for oily skin e.g clearasil and hopefully this will help x
see a dermatologist about your spots and carry around clean and clear oil blotting sheets to get rid of the shine

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