Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can you give me advice with makeup?

I have an olive skin tone, extremely dark brown eyes and brown hair. What makeup do you recomend for me? I wear mostly indie and vintage style clothes but sometimes venture into edgy clothing. I don't want anything too drastic. Could you help? Even links would be helpful. Thank youCan you give me advice with makeup?
*For a vintage-y makeover to go with your clothing style:

I would suggest using foundation ONLY to cover zits. Olive is a beautiful skin tone and can be used to your advantage when played up and contrasted with the right plush and eye shadow.

Try using a darker shade of pale pink (often described as ';wine';), on the highest parts of your cheekbones. Then, lightly dust golden eyeshadow across your lids. Make sure not to use too much. For lip stick or lip gloss, I suggest a shimmery natural shade. As for eyeliner, liquid or pencil will work fine. I suggest a brown on the top lids and half of the bottom. Use length defining mascara. This will give you that vintage look, while still looking natural.

*For venturing edgy...

Try blush with more of an orang-ish pink tint. Use light pink lip gloss and, if you're really feeling daring, use some light green eyeshadow. Then line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner and use volume-defining mascara.Can you give me advice with makeup?
secret g's answer is really good but most of her makeup is mac %26amp; mac is a very high quality cosmetics company.

Which means their also a very high PRICED cc.

For example i bought a powder brush from there it was 60 bucks.

Its an amazing brush, soft %26amp; it gets the job done but to me it was a waste of money, especially since i went to a drug store %26amp; found an even better brush for 25 dollars.

But anyways, i would go with the green eyes or a smokey look

or a neutral look or a gold shimmery kind of smokey look lol.

just look some things up on youtube, you could use pancea's tutorials but just use the makeup you have :D

almay has a line of eyemakeup to make your eyes look brighter and stuff

try that its not drastic but itll look nice

if you want to wear a powder or foundation try a mineral one

and if you have good skin dont bother

but if you feel like you still want something than wear a mineral powder to even you out

and i would just wear a chapstick

i like softlips personally

but dont go overboard on lipstick or gloss


(less eye-liner and mascara than in that one ^)

maybe something like that.

very light natural makeup.

you could use a light mineral foundation (without talc in the ingredients, it can break you out), mascara, a little bit of bronzer, and maybe some light/medium brown eye shadow, with a brown eye liner on the top of your eyelid, and a little bit of lip gloss (:

good luck.
well ima makeup guru on youtube and am looking for som subscribers. i have a few videos up you might want to look at. if you would please subscribe to me and request something i would be happy to do exactly what you are looking for plz check me out

Any purple or green would look good on you! Shimmery would work well with the vintage, and darkish would go good with the edgy. Mascara on top and bottom if you can do that, and thin eyeliner. (on top or bottom or both)
I would go with dark, shimmery greens. this girl: http://www.youtube.com/user/panacea81 does AWESOME tutorials and her makeup always looks AMAZING.
sounds like more natural would look beautiful on you! maybe just a bit of eyeliner and some mascara :)

answer mine?


try this lady out!

she has great make up tutorials!
definatly wear brown or black eyeiner and use purple eye shadow

(i have same color hair %26amp; eyes and it brings out my color !)

hope this helps :)
lavender (or other shades of purple) and different shades of green would look pretty.
Earth tones sound perfect for you

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