Friday, December 11, 2009

How should I wear my makeup? I'm bored of the same colours! Also, dry lip advice!?

I always seem to wear the same look every day other than when I'm experimenting but I never know what to wear during the day. Usually dark colours and a lot of eyeliner and nothing on my lips. I don't want something that makes my teeth look yellowy for my lips. But I don't want it too bold either. Help! Also, I pretty much have perminantly dry lips no matter how much balm I use. Any tips?How should I wear my makeup? I'm bored of the same colours! Also, dry lip advice!?
For the dry lips:

-make sure you are drinking enough water %26lt;-KEY

-are you using the right kind of lip balm? for a base balm, avoid the flavored, colored, or fancy stuff. Chapstick's ';moisturizer';, I believe its aloe based and its the blue stick...does miracles! I wear it every day, all day, and even under lip stick/gloss. I also like Burt's Bees honey based lip balm. I'm addicted to lip balm, I think I put it on every 5-10 min. And my lips are kissably soft ;-)

-you can also try exfoliating your lips if they are cracked. Try using a toothbrush and a rich moisterizing cleaner.How should I wear my makeup? I'm bored of the same colours! Also, dry lip advice!?
Try like navy blue,plum, and grey eyeliners. (blue and plum really bring out any eye colors)

for the chapped lips

step 1. Use balms made with beeswax, cocoa butter or petroleum jelly or beeswax for chapped lips several times a day. Make sure that you avoid balms with ingredients such as camphor or phenol which are actually irritants that will dry, chapped lips even worse.


Be aware of items which dry your lips, such as caffeine, alcohol, sun, wind and lip balms with flavors which cause you to lick your lips.

Vary the amount of eyeliner you use. Save the more dramatic looks with more eyeliner for night time, and wear less during the day. You could also wing your eyeliner (Sort of like Amy Whinehouse but no quite as bold) sometimes for a bit of a difference. Wear different color eyeshadows as well.

For dry lips, use vaseline every night and every morning. I had it on for maybe 10 minutes and it made them super soft. When youre at school or work or w/e and you dont wanna lug a whole thing of vaseline around with you, keep chapstick or lip balm on your lips at all times.

Hope this helped =]
Wear some light tone lip gloss.

And wear some beeswax on your lips to moisturize them.
Try wearing your makeup like Mimi on The Drew Cary Show
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