Friday, December 11, 2009

Okay ladies, I need your makeup advice here.?

I'm going makeup hunting tomorrow. I'm just looking for good quality makeup, that last for hours, applies nicely and plain out isn't crap. I dont need help on the colors, just on a good brand! Ideas? Thanks :)Okay ladies, I need your makeup advice here.?
i'm a makeup snob and only use Chanel (but you can use Bourjouis, it's Chanel's sister it's about the same quality but not as expensive).

but Laura Mercier is GREAT too, that formulation is good for sensitive skin.

I also prefer Nars eyeshadows to mac.

a lot of people are recommending bare minerals--i used to use that, but i HATED it. it went on too sheer and when i tried to make it have more coverage, it would be too reflective in pictures.Okay ladies, I need your makeup advice here.?
ulta..they have pretty good makeup tat lasts longg..n its not tat expensive
bareEscentuals/bareMinerals. GREATEST MAKEUP EVER. you can get it at a bareEscentuals store or at sephora and ulta. it's amazing stuff. you can read about it here:

it's mineral makeup, so it doesn't clog your pores. you should see someone and ask them to apply it on you so you can make sure that it's your color and that you like it. i love it.

as for mascara, i use fresh supernova. i think it looks natural (i've tried diorshow and i don't like how it makes my eyelashes look 100000x bigger). fresh looks very natural, you can get that at sephora and at any fresh store.鈥?/a>

for eyeliner/eyelash curlers, i go to shu uemura. they have the best liquid eyeliner (and their pencil one is great too) and they have the best eyelash curler ever. you can get shu uemura at shu uemura and at sephora. you can also try out their eyelash curler, it's my favorite.

make sure you wear sunblock before you apply all this, i use clinique super sheer city block spf 40.鈥?/a>

you can get it at bloomingdale's (and probably at sephora, but i'm not sure about that one)

good luck!
The Body Shop make-up is great! All the make-up has marula oil in it so its crease resistant, long lasting and also helps to moisturize the skin.
sephora and bare minerals are both good for me.
You don't need to even go out of your house to find a great makeup brand- go to

great quality at an affordable price!

good luck!
MAC is good and is sold only at the better stores. What I like about it it that it doesn't come off on your clothes.
anything in the sephora brand! not anything in the store...but the specific brand. thats the only makeup i use and its never failed me.
MAC, and Sephora are my FAVE places to buy make-up, and they are very good quality! ! !

good luck!
M-A-C makeup is the best hands down. Although I do really like Urban Decay high pigmented eye shadows. You can also try bare escentuials at Sephora for Powder. For mascara, its pricey, but the new Chanel is amazing.I have no lashes whatsoever but when I use that I feel very pretty :)
Well I use bare escentuals, I have used it for a while and love it. I order it online, but I know there are stores out there.
bare minerals rocks, you can get it at sephora and some indepdent spas and salons. it's like $20-25 a jar

if that's out of your price range another great mineral make up is by physicians formula. it works just as good as bare minerals, and is half the price. you can get it at walmart and at drug stores

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