Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup advice!?

i am in highschool but i don't wear makeup but i want to start does anyone have reccomendations for... where to buy makeup what i should wear daily how long i should spend putting on makeup ectMakeup advice!?
Go to an ULTA store, they let you try some of their makeups on. If you want an easy natural look, you could try ID bare essestial...BUT its kinda pricey. At first, with all the experimentation, it could take a while to put it on, but after a while, no more than say, 6 min.

You could also go with 'sheer' makeup that is basically a moisturizer with may be easier on the skin.

If you're going to be all day in the sun, try a makeup with an SPF in it.

Just go with conservative. Most people make the mistake of wearing way too too much make up. If applied properly, your face shouldn't scream that you've wearing it.

Foundation, blush (very little goes a long way...DONT make it so you look like you have pink spots on your should be light enough to be natural...or close to it.), mascara, lip gloss (much better choice than lipstick most of the time), if you do eye shadow....go light.....

You could also try asking someone who has a look you like, what they do...they'll usually be flattered and not mind telling you or giving you pointers.Makeup advice!?
A nice make-up is one that looks natural. So since you are just starting out I would say use a little blush, some mascara and lip gloss. Dont go with dark lipstick or eyeshadow, because you dont wanna over-do it. Also, you can buy a good starter kit of make-up at walmart so you can afford to buy different things and see what you like without wasting alot of money. Eventually you can play with eyeshadow and liners and everything else. But a basic start would be nice, I think
this has some great tips on skincare and makeup also how to apply on this article
just eyeliner,a little shadow(baby blue,lilac,light pink)and a little gloss.....doesnt take me more than 10 minutes.u can buy it at any store but youre better off not buying the really cheap brands.......but i also like wet n wild theyre cheap but it doesnt suk.but try to go natural on some days with no makeup on b/c pple will get used to you with makeup and think u look weird without it.
if i was you i would not worry about how long it takes you to put makeup on but to make sure that take you time in removing the make up. I dont know if you are in the uk but if so boots the chemist do a good range.
Well you should go for something light and fairly sheer, try Bare Essential you can get it at Sephora ($18-$26)or on the cheaper side you can get the bare minerals from neutragena at a local drug store ($8-$12) and you should only use some powder, a little bit of blush and mascara any more than that might be overkill for a young girl.
mascara and eye liner, thats it.

spend 5 minutes.
Just start with basics. . . eyeliner, mascara, some sort of foundation or powder for even skin tone and a light lip gloss. Try to find colors that compliment your skin color and always remember that ';less is more';.
Have you heard of Mary Kay? Try to find a consultant in your area and see if you she can help you. I know it sounds ';old lady like'; but it's not! I'm 22 and I sell Mary Kay. try going to and towards the top of your screen you should see ';find a consultant'; then type in your zip code and try contacting them to see if that person is willing to help you. Trust me these girls remind me of the desperate housewife kinda of a thing and they are really nice and are eager to help you out. Good luck!
ha ha, umm... you can buy makeup pretty much anywhere, when first starting out, go cheap! Go to wallmart and get foundation, powder, eye pencil, and possibly mascara and eye shadow. Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and a sheer sooth powder, some use the hard powers but i prefer the loose power you put on with a brush. For eye pencils if you have light hair go with a brown eye pencil, for darker hair go with a darker brown or black. Eye shadow could be whatever kind you want, go crazy, or go natural with light browns. And for mascara i like the lengthening and volumizing kinds. Hope i helped! :-D good luck!
Dont start that's my best advice. Just use lip gloss with a slight sheen and maybe some eye make up that is natural to you skin tone. dont follow the MAC trends.
Well to start have to go to the right place....I myself go to MAC because they hook you up with all their wonderful products......They have really nice makeup artists that will help you try on colors and even your foundation.....
use whatever u feel u need. whatever u think will help enhance ur natural beauty. u can by make-up almost anywhere, and the amount of time always depends..... people have different ways of applying it and their own tastes. i suggest u should spend sometime one day just trying on different looks then choose the one u feel best in. since ur just starting i suggest mascara, and power and some lip gloss. that's what i started with then i went on and started using shadow and lip stain/gloss/lipstick whatever and eyeliner and stuff. u should work into it easy u don't wanna start wearing a ton of make-up at once u'll kinda look different to people and might freak them out, so go slow! p.s. once u get the hang of it, it can be so much fun!
First, you will only need about 10 minutes tops to put on makeup. Anything over for going to school is a bit excessive. You should try buying a few basic pieces of makeup, some blush, a lipstick or two, eye shadow, mascare (but not necessary), and depending on your skin some concealer and foundation. I get my makeup in department stores at Estee Lauder, Clinique, Mac, etc. You may want to go in for a free makeover one day and see what they have to offer. I wouldn't get makeup through Claire's or other stores. Their makeup is not very good and could irritate your skin if it's really sensitive.

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