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Back to school makeup advice?

okay. so im starting junior high and i def. wanna look good. im pretty clueless with makeup. so what brands, and colors and stuff? HELPP MEE.Back to school makeup advice?
It just depends on what you are interested in wearing.

Do you want just the basics



and gloss?

Or do you want to add the foundation, blush, and eyeshadow too?

What is your budget? Are you restricted to drugstore brands or can you afford a few more expensive brands?

Are you completely new to makeup or do you have some experience?鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

and this site will send you free samples you just pay $3.90 for shipping, scroll down to the 3rd Kit鈥?/a>

If you have specific questions, email me and I will be happy to answer.Back to school makeup advice?
Almay makes good products that won't hurt your eyes or skin, but some of the other brands make better makeup that will match you skin tone better. your only in Junior high, so not a lot of kids your age will wear a lot of make-up. Just a bit of mascara and eyeliner worked great with me. Almay also makes different eyeshadows for certain eye colors so they can match your eyes better. Don't go full out on your first day.
since you're a beginner with makeup, i would try and stay away from all of the concealer and foundation out there. if you have pimples or whiteheads, start off with a face cleanser, i found out that Noxema works really well. it has special tingling beads in it and it really improves your skin. you can use it in the mornings, or when you take a shower the night before.

for a fresh, dewy back-to-school look I would suggest a little bit of blush, probably cream blush. stick with the peach-pink colors. (MAYBELLINE CREAM MOUSSE BLUSH WORKS SOOO WELL!) dab some on with your fingers, but not too much! you don't want to look like a clown! it should look like you just pinched your cheeks a little bit.

for eyeshadow, you should probably choose a light gold color. just sweep some on but dont brush it on too far above your cheekbones. covergirl should have a nice color.

i don't know if you wear eyeliner or mascara yet, but stick to the browns, if you wear too much black your face will look too overdone! also, with eyeliner - dont line your bottom rims, line the tops instead, it will give you a more natural look. (TRY ULTA FOR EYELINER AND COVERGIRL FOR MASCARA!)

remember: go natural! i hope the info helps! :)
For middle school or junior high whatever you want to call it you don't really need make-up. It will only look like you are trying very, very hard. And you don't want that. But if you like have to wear make-up you could just wear a little mascra, I think covergirl is the best brand, but that is my opion. So yeah you don't really need to wear make-up.
well, you want to keep it natural for school. I love Mary Kay.


You want to use a mineral make up powder that's just a hint darker than your skin tone. You can use concealer to cover up any redness you may have. Then apply the mineral powder. For a good summer look you can use their bronzing beads. With a big brush run it over the beads and apply it all over face or just on cheeks for a blush.


Talk to a Mary Kay or other make up expert to find your right shade of blush. Make a kissing face and swirl it on your cheek apples and swip it up to your temples and blend it with your fingers.


Brown eyes: purple eyeliner

Blue eyes: brown eyeliner

Green eyes: black eyeliner

use black mascara. If you use eye shadow, use what ever color matches your outfit!! (:

and that's about it. a natural look for school.
You really don't need to wear much at all especially cos you're quite young, basically just mascara, and possibly eyeliner but that might be a bit OTT. Basically buy BLACK mascara. To put on mascara just take out the lid, there'll be a brush on it. Be careful because when you first use it you might poke yourself in the eye! Just place it at the join between your top lashes and eyelid, and either brush it carefully upwards or blink against it. Then eyeliner if you're gonna use it (you dont need it, but if you want) - don't put on too much or it will look obvious. Get an eye pencil, black - try and get one that's 'soft kohl' since it's usually better and looks more natural than liquid. Do your bottom lid mainly, it's tricky and be careful but you'll get the hang of it! Just be careful not to use too much! good luck
That's funny! I have ivory skin, dark blue eyes, and dark brown hair. What I say you should use is concealer (if you have any acne or red spots), clear lipgloss, and black or dark gray eyeliner to really bring out the eyes. When I started middle school that's what I wore, and it's not too much either.
well if your starting junior high you don't want to wear too much. so start with something simple. maybe a little brown eyeliner and some pink eyeshadow and some mascara. You can go to department stores at the mall and they can show you what kind you can get and how to put it on.

Good Luck!
since your only starting junior high, you dont need that much

some mascara, maybe a little eyeliner

and some lipgloss

thats alll you need.

you dont want to look to fake on your first day of school


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