Friday, December 11, 2009

In need of some makeup and skin advice?

i have a very oily face and everytime i put on makeup it seems like a few house later my face is really oily again and it looks like i have no makeup on. ive tried oil free makeup and long lasting makeup but it seems like nothing helps. does anyone have any advice on my skin and makeup? does anyone else have this problem?In need of some makeup and skin advice?
Go to the dermatologist, and ask for some drying tablettes, they do miracles.In need of some makeup and skin advice?
i kind of have the same problem. i've found that for me personally, keeping my face clean really helps.

after using a gel cleanser, i put on liquid foundation and then a mineral powder. to keep my face from getting really oily, i sometimes use oil blotting sheets (they just absorb the oil from your face so it doesn't look shiny.)

hope that helps!
Try using Clean %26amp; Clear Invisible Shine Control Powder over your make up and carry some oil-absorbing sheets with you. Also, matte your make up with press powder.

Don't wash your face too often because that will dry out your skin causing it to produce more oil.

Instead of cream product, use gelproducts. Creams will make your skin oily.

If your skin gets dry from the gelproducts, then use a light oil-free moisturizure.
It really has more to do with your skin care routine. I just answered this question for someone else therefore I'll just re-post the answer with little tweeks to fit what you've asked.

I would recommend:

Cleanser: Oily Skin

Moisturizer: Oily Skin

Acne: (IF ANY) Crush 2-4 pieces of aspirin (depending on how many pimples you gotta zap) mixed in with water till the solution is paste like. Apply to the pimple and allow to dry out. Believe me this works wonders.

Routine: Remember to wash and moisturize your face twice everyday even if you have oily skin. Biggest misconception is that since the face is already oily it doesn't need to be moisturized. This confuses the skin of lacking moisture therefore can produce extra oils on the skin to compensate. So remember moisturize that skin.

Makeup: Make sure that the makeup you use is oil free. Use a makeup primer prior to applying foundation if oiliness is still sever. Instead of using regular powders I would go with MAC's blot powder with no color. Also prep the eye area for application of eyeliner and eyeshadows. (i.e. Urban Decay Primer Potion or MAC paint points)
try using poweder makeup from loreall or covergirl! it's not even that expensive...

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