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Makeup advice?

hey, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good foundation? i have blotchy skin at times when im stressed and wondered if there was a full coverage foundation thats not too heavy and gives a natural flawless look?Makeup advice?
MAC do lots of good foundations. And the staff give really good advice and tips.

You said your in Scotland, me too.

Harvey Nics in Edinburgh have a mac counter. Think there is 1 in Glasgow, not sure where else though. :)Makeup advice?
I would do more than just cover it up with makeup. Do you use anything in the morning and at night? You can get produces that help with blotchy skin. After you have treated it then you should use makeup. Report Abuse

L'Oreal, Infallible. It has good coverage, last 16 hours. It also looks good.

PS always wear a light moisturiser under it.
definatley shiseido. itz quite expensive but its light and dozent give the look that ur wearing alot. i think the liquid 1 looks best but that depends on u.
i use a foundation i got at macey's called

';prescriptives exact makeup';.

they will match the right tone with your skin right in the store.

and they have it in full coverage too.

and after u use it. u won't be able to see a single blotch.

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check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:Henna on hair

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Nope. Can't say I've heard of one.
Aveda it is alittle expensive buut is totally natural and no animals are tested!!
Bare Minerals or Cover Girl.
I have acne scars and uneven skin tone. I tried everything and the best one is Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish. It comes in a bottle for every day and in a compact with a sponge for heavier long lasting wear for nights out. If you can't afford it (拢18 for the bottle) then Max Factor Lasting Performance is great at giving full coverage but a little chalkier than the Elizabeth Arden one.
are you in the UK? If so Perscriptives is the way forward. Available in larger Boots and Dept stores. They match the colour to your regular skin tone. It's not heavy - but makes anyone's skin look radiant, and totally gets rid of the dreaded blotch!
Bare minerals works great
I like the Clinique foundation. It covers well.
I like Clinique myself. If you go to the mall, to Macy's or Dillards, you can get a free makeup consultation and they will choose a color that suits you best. Also, They will show you how to apply it. You don't have to buy makeup to get the free consultation. You can go to any of the makeup counters and they will do it for you. Like I said, I love Clinique, and they have a lot of makeup that is cool for younger girls. Good luck.
I'm a beautician and i would say pay a visit to a good salon, may be pricey but you ll save in the long run.. get a skin analysis done and a good facial and they will be able to tell you better every1s skin is different ..i could tell you a brand that my skin agrees with ,me having the same problem , but it may not agree with you .

good luck chick xo
max factor balancing act,fab coverage and stays put all day
go to they have good makeup with full coverage but also lets your skin breathe. Also feels like you have none on. Having a special right now, shipping cost only for a three month supply. Best of luck...........
I like Loreal Quick Stick. It has excellent coverage.
The new Cover Girl TruBlend Whipped Foundation is silky smooth and feels light as a feather compare to using a foundation that felt heavy and caked on. It has silicone elastomers, long chains of silicone molecules that leave tiny gaps in the finish to let your skin's natural tone shine through, while hiding imperfections. Like the rest of the TruBlend family, the 12 shades easily match 97% of skin tones with innovative pigments. The sleek glass container lets you apply it with a dip of a finger.
well you should try covergirl advanced liquid poundation, it comes in a pump bottle. and then dust over bare essecentails powder ina lighter shade and then htere mineral veil!

dont qoute me on the spelling!
When I was younger I had the same problem and I used Clinique in the squeeze tube. It worked great.
i really like Mineral Silk foundation. check out the website. the price is right, it is not too heavy but will cover any and all imperfections. you can get samples to begin with.
I use a Mary Kay foundation. It goes on real smooth and looks

good. The price is reasonable.
There a few that are great for what you are looking for and when you get a chance to ought to go to the mall in Macys or Dillards and check out the different makeup counters..I suggest the following and they can help you find what you are seeking instead of the drug store and you have to try it when you get home



Bare Essentials
i used to use mac... but that is too harsh for everyday use and can cause major break outs. i found that chanel works wonders on all skin types and the coverage is amazing!
top tips for killer spots that you can't cover, put a faint covering of any foundation on your face and then to hide the spots put a tiny blob on the area and rub the sides in, it looks like you've rubbed it all and then put a powder on top , trust me it works, but just remember to never leave make-up on at night and about twice a week use a face mask to toughen your skin ;) hope ive helped
I have just switched to Mac. You may not need to use a full coverage foundation as they are very thick and usually make the problem worse. I used to think I needed a full coverage foundation but this new Mac one is only medium coverage and it is amazing! I look airbrushed everyday regardless of what my skin is doing!
use a daily moisturiser before applying fountation, because the skin isnt so rough before u put foundation on and it shouldnt go blotchy.

good luck!!
honey ima makeu artist

I recomend seventeen veryyyyyyyy natural

see my pic

open my Q
I had the same problem when I was younger. I tried EVERY foundation I could find. I asked my dermatologist and she told me to use Almay's foundtations. It's light and has good coverage, and it won't make your skin worse, it acctually heals blemishes while you wear it. I still use it, it works great! You can try it out and if it doesn't work out for you keep trying new things! Only you know what works best for you!
Dont know, something I never use.

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