Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can I get some makeup advice?

What is the best foundation to use if you have somewhat splotchy skin?(preferably one that lasts for a long time)? Is there a certain method you can use to get that nice, smooth, airbrushed sort of look? Also, does anyone know of a relatively cheap product that can be used to prevent makeup like eyeliner/shadow from smearing? Thanks!Can I get some makeup advice?
I use Studio Fix foundation by MAC applied with a make-up sponge from Target. I find that the Target sponges are the smoothest which also help give a smooth look. But something that lots of girl forget about is that you need to use a loose powder applied with a brush to set the foundation. If you use a compact you are just going to be smearing the foundations off that you just put on. Before you put on you eye shadow you want to try either a base cream for eye lids. Also try using a different brand eyeshadow. I am quessing that your skin is oily during the summer if not most of the year. If you really want one of the best things I have found it is called Model In A Bottle! I love this stuff. You just spray it on after you are done doing your makeup and it keeps you make put until you wash it off.

Studio fix by MAC is $25 a bottle and it will last you 2-3 months. I think that the last time I ordered Model in a bottle it was $15 and those bottle last forever too. but I only use that if I am going out.Can I get some makeup advice?
Wow, I just figured it out. It's easier to make yourself up then to just maintain beautiful clean soft and glowing skin. Your skin is probably splotchy because of the make-up. I would suggest you get your skin together and you won't need so much make up. An excellent line for that is Victoria Principles Reclaim Skin care products. Also bare minerals are good. But the best thing for your skin is fresh air, allowing it to breathe without make-up. Why hide your beauty, unless you have none.

Not trying to be judgmental i just hate to see young girls/ladies ruin their skin with make up and then they are subject to that for life and they scare their husbands in the morning. First response is ';See me after breakfast.';
Whatever you do, use pressed foundation not liquid.
I just use a basic Revelon foundation, so I would just say use a basic foundation cream and spread it all around your face to even your skin tones.

For your eyes, put on a lighter foundation all over your eyes first, then do your eyeliner/eye shadow, and that makes it much easier to wipe off the mistakes and not let your make up smear.

Hope this helps!

-xoxo Ninja Elisa
MAC Studio Fix Fluid is absolutely wonderful. It looks SO natural and has a FLAWLESS finish. It has such great coverage! You put it on with a brush and you can choose where you want to put more for more coverage and everything always looks so even. I've got all my friends and family using it! Go to a MAC store or makeup counter in the mall and ask for a sample. I'd definitely give it a try!

Good look! =)

Also.... you don't have to apply it throughout the day...... it really stays on all day
All i can think of is getting estee' lauder which is quite expensive or get any other as long as it is over 拢5. If you go to a boots chemist they should have sponges about the sizw of your palm, they should be purple. If you get one of those put some foundation (just the colour of your skin) on and pat it on your skin. It works for me but i suggest that you do not wear foundation and get some rice bran scrub and put that on and some cleanser toner and moisturisour. Hope it help bye.
Have you tried the make-up brand INGLOT

Gorgeous products, so many colours, Amazing but a bit expensive but works a treat.

Have any more trouble just ask another question with my name in it and I will answer straight away.
if you are looking for some makeup advices go to this website:鈥?/a>
for foundation i like this:鈥?/a>

it gives great coverage while still looking smooth and natural
I suggest using an eye cream for under your eyes when you need to make sure that no one notices you're under eye bags, and if you want full coverage I'd suggest using sephora powder foundation. It covers your whole face and gives the air brushed look to it, which helps when you really need it. You should always go to your local sephora store to see if they have any new products that would benefit your look, and you should always follow up a cream foundation with a powder to set the cream, that way it doesn't smudge. hope this helps. xoxo
Try tanning it clears up everything. Now that I've lost my tan from last summer (and after stopping tanning, which I did 4 straight years prior), I have gotten milk-bottle white and even though white is the new tan now, I'm seriously considering running back to a tanning bed, any tanning bed. When I was tan I never got any blotchiness, or just didn't know it because it wasn't so bad. Now that I'm pale scratching my chest or the heat in the car makes me look like I've got poison ivy!!

In response to your question try BE or if you are more liquid Guerlain Matte foundation, and for eyes, Guerlain eye cream base, Lancome makes an eye cream base that is waterproof now as well, and you're oing to have a hard time finding anything that really works that's super cheap. Wet n wild.

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