Saturday, December 5, 2009

What type of things would you buy on ebay? Also Makeup and fashion Advice?

Me and my brother are selling things on ebay to make more spare money but we dont know what people would buy and help?

Also i have bluey-greenish eyes moussy hair and not to tanned juts a shade of golden brown wheat colour any idea what colours i should wear?What type of things would you buy on ebay? Also Makeup and fashion Advice?
Sell your clothing and antiques.

I would wear a black eyeliner and a light colored eyeshadow.

Every day clothing I would say jeans and a nice shirt (not fancy or anything)What type of things would you buy on ebay? Also Makeup and fashion Advice?
You can sell pretty much anything on ebay (although do check their statment of things that aren;t allowed!) The internet is a huge place and theres usually someone out there who'll want to buy what you have! If you're a first timer I'd recommend starting out small,jewellery,new make-up,clothes,books...things that aren't too large and won't cost the earth to post! When advertising things,make sure you're honest! Give every possible detail about the piece you're selling. Include pictures. E-mail your buyer and let them know when their item will be posted. Do research-look for similar items on ebay and see what other people are charging. A lower starting bid price will encourage more people.Don't overcharge on shipping costs as this puts people off!

Ok make-up help-shades of brown go well with blue eyes,maybe something with a pice of shimmer to jazz it up a bit!
light brown.
As a veteran e-bayer I can give you some advice. Ebay has a hot list...that is published monthly...listing the hottest selling items in several categories. Just go to the site map and look for ';hot list';.

However...i've noticed in the past few years that power sellers/power buyers have the most pull. Ebay has become flooded...and hence become a buyers market. Those making the big bucks are able to buy in large quantities and resell at a small profit margin.

I'm not saying you cant make some extra money, but you have to find the deals.

At one time I did this....went to local High Fashion Clearance type of store...sought out brand name MENS shirts and LARGE sizes (hard to find), and Women's brand name jeans......

I'd buy whatever I could find...list them on ebay with a starting price higher than what I paid...but not much higher. And whatever didn't sell...I'd bring it back to the store and get a refund!!!

No way to lose money like that...I'm just too busy in other business ventures to mess with it now.

Best of Luck 2 you!

The best Free Dropshipper that I use is the prices are low and they have over 50,000 products. I have been useing them for over a year now to sell products on ebay. They have great customer service and super quality, easy to sell products. They also offer packages to build a site of your own if you're interested in that. Overall I would give the site a 9 out of 10! There aren't many sites like who let you DropShip. Trust me, I looked for months! If you're interested in your own site check out this link鈥?/a>

I hope this helps you and good luck!
I think that you should wear greens, browns and golds. They should bring out the colours in your eyes!!
anything, but cheap, too risky to buy expensive stuff
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