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African-American female with oily/dark skin need makeup advice?

I'm a dark skinned and I have a deep colored skin tone. I want to know what makeup is good to use like foundation, powder, concealer and eye makeup. Also, I need advice on how to apply the makeup and everything else.African-American female with oily/dark skin need makeup advice?
Iman has a good line of makeup, revlon also has a good line for beautiful dark skin tones. You can minimize your oily skin by choosing the oil free products. You can go to a department store makeup counter and they'll be happy to show you how to apply makeup. Youtube has great makeup tutorials also. Good luck!African-American female with oily/dark skin need makeup advice?
Hello Kamiesha F Hope my article helps...

Before discussing the aesthetics of Makeup Artistry, it is important we understand skincare and its role pertaining to makeup application. Healthy skin is key to a flawless makeup application. I had the privilege recently of speaking with Robin Townsend, a licensed Medical Esthetician with an extensive background, training and hands-on experience in clinical skin care. Ms. Townsend of Faces by Robin has an office in Kenwood serving the skin care needs of people of all colors,ethnicities and ages. She spent the last several years working with physicians in the Cincinnati area, providing skin care for many people, before recently, opening her own skin care business.

I asked Ms. Townsend to give me information specifically related to skin care concerns as they relate to African Americans. I will share much of what she related to me in this article:

Qiana: What are the most common skin care concerns that you have encountered when working with your clients that are African American?

Robin: Three of the most common skin care concerns relating to the African American population are acne, oily skin and hyper-pigmentation.

Qiana: Would you give my reader's an overview of each of these areas of concern and what you would suggest as a means of addressing these skin care problems?

Robin: AA are just as concerned about acne as are Caucasians and they are equally likely to suffer from it. They are also just as likely to perceive their skin as excessively oily and therefore likely to over-treat it. Excess oil does not cause acne as long as it flows to the surface of the skin. If however, the sebaceous glands become clogged, blackheads result. Clogged glands can result from stress, hormones and even improper skin care. When acne appears, strong medicated soaps, strong astringents and other harsh drying products have generally been used to remove the impurities. The result is dehydrated skin that looks like dry skin. Cleansing creams that contain too much oil, cocoa butter-type creams and oil-based make-up are used to counteract the dryness, when moisture, not oil, is what the skin needs.

Stripping the skin of oils does not resolve the problem. It can even lead to even greater problems. And, in another few weeks another 'breakout' can appear. Because many AA do not know of all the benefits of exfoliants, these products are not used when they could be most effective. Regular professional skin care treatments along with a home regime using exfoliants and recommended products, would help to normalize the skin. (This protocal would apply for both acneic and oily skin care concerns).

Hyper-pigmentation, (dark spots) or discolored areas are common problems among AA. There are many causes, including excessive sun exposure, allergic reaction to perfumes or medicines,irritation from abrasive scrubs or sponges, excessive rubbing or friction, or the healing pattern of the skin after a razor cut, insect bite, burn, squeezing a whitehead and so on. Most over-the-counter products would take months or years to lighten dark spots, but with professional skin care treatments plus professional-grade, daily home care products, the skin lightening process can speed up considerably if the proper steps are followed.

Daily care with three companion products is an important protocal for treating hyper-pigmentation and skin discolorations. The three products are the appropriate exfoliant, bleaching product and sunblock. Yes, AA need sunblock too!

Qiana: Do you offer these products at your business?

Robin: Yes, I do. I offer two medical grade skin care lines, along with various other specialty products and sunblocks. And, I offer medical grade chemical peels and manual exfoliation procedures. As well as basic deep-pore cleansing facials.

Qiana: Where is your skin care business located and what are your hours of operation?

Robin: I am located at The Salons@Kenwood Place. 8731 Kenwood Road. Suite #17 Cincinnati, Ohio 45236.

My hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. til 6:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Saturday from 10:00 a.m. til 3:00 p.m. By appointment only. Appointments

may be made by calling (513) 807-3192.

**Also something to consider is that it is only so many cosmetic manufacturers in the world, and some products can be the same and just have their company logo hot stamped it's not about the name brands but what actually works for the individual***
well if you have oily skin already you dont wanna use and kind of liquad based foundation so only use powder trust me
If you have oily skin I think you should try MAC powder mineral foundation. Very lightweight. As far as concealer I recommend the MAC studio finish spf concealer. It's really great. To set the makeup I think you should go for the MAC mineralize skinfinish powder. This makeup isn't cheap but it's worth it. The colors that they have for skin tones actually look natural.

As far as showing how to apply it. That's something I advise you to do in person. Like actually go to a makeup counter and ask them how to do that. OR look on youtube. Because this is something that you're gonna have to SEE for yourself to actually GET IT.

EDIT: In my opinion Bare Minerals SUCKS! But hopefully you have a better experience with their products. We're all different.

EDIT MAC is a department store makeup and Revlon is a drug store makeup. DING DING do we have a winner?

Although I must SAY, Revlon is really good for lipsticks and lipglosses. They're probably the best drug store makeup company.
i hear what you are saying.

and forget mac and the rest...

on a serious note deff go to BARE MINERALS

they are the best..

whatever type of skin you have they have a solution.

good luck in whatever you try

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