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Breakouts vs. Picture day ( no makeup) Advice please, 10 points best answers?

Picture day in 5 days

Help Apprciated thank you.Breakouts vs. Picture day ( no makeup) Advice please, 10 points best answers?
I use the Aspirin Mask...I do not have acne, but my son has occassional flare ups and I make him use this and it clears them right up .......It really does work well.....


6-8 uncoated, regular strength aspirin (no name is good)

A few squirts of Warm Honey or Water or Aloe Vera Gel then

Mix until paste like consistency.


1. Cleanse skin with normal cleanser.

2. Steam skin with a really warm cloth.

3. Apply mask for about 15-20 mins.

3. Rinse and using the aspirin bits as a scrub. Massage gently.

4. Use a light moisturizer if you have oily skin. A heavier one if you have dry skin.

Words of Caution:

It should definitely be noted that anyone who's allergic or sensitive to aspirin, is pregnant or breastfeeding or has a pre-existing medical condition, including asthma or a bleeding problem, probably should avoid using this or any other salicylic acid product.

I hope this works for you ~~~

Good Luck ~Breakouts vs. Picture day ( no makeup) Advice please, 10 points best answers?
wash your face with an acne scrub

and wear concealer
The aspirin mask really helps with redness and swelling. Use it a couple times before picture day.

Purelll will dry out your skin, making your pimples dry and flaky (yuck!)

Eye drops for redness also help tone down the red. It sounds pretty far-out, but it really does work.

So, I'd recomend using an over the counter overnight acne spot treatment containing salyclic acid (or however you spell it) and benzyl peroxide. Do the aspirin mask during the day, and dab on some eye drops an hour or so before the pictures.

Proactiv is great, but can sometimes make your acne worse when you first start using it.
Well I use proactiv, but if you are not willing to spend $50 for that, you can use purell hand sanitizer. Just make sure that it has aloe in it. It is supposed to kill bacteria and dirt, which is what acne pretty much is.
Wash your face.

Don't touch it.


clear skin!

Easy math?


and don't forget to put creame on something like nivea would help.

Good Luck!
This can be real easy to solve.

* Wash your face twice a day; once in the morning, and then again before you go to bed.

* Use a lightweight moisturizer (heavy ones usually contain oil, which can just clog your pores) after washing up.

* Every other day, use a clay mask, which will help minimize zits and decrease the redness. Sally's Beauty Supply has some good kinds, and they're only like $6.

* Try dabbing some toothpaste (the paste kind, not the gel kind) on individual zits before you go to bed.

Also, I know you said no makeup, but if you're open to ideas, try some gentle, hypoallergenic water-based coverup. CoverGirl works real well. Just make sure you get the right shade.

Hope this helps!
Have you tried Stridex medicated pads. Thats what my mom had our family use after washing our faces and we somehow avoided ZITS.
Get the Proactiv Refining Mask.
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