Saturday, December 5, 2009

Could someone give me makeup advice for a natural look?

im seeing my bf tommorrow night for the first time in ages, i have a good tan cos ive been on holiday but want to look really fresh and natural tommorrow

any good tips on how to make skin look smooth using makeup or eye make up tips etc? xCould someone give me makeup advice for a natural look?
hiya, i always use the natural look as i feel it looks better and is less hassle, u should draw a thin line of eyeliner on your top lash line but only go half way (not in the corners of your eyes) and do the same to the bottom lash line. then put some mascara on just your top lashes, and finish with a tinted moisturiser.Could someone give me makeup advice for a natural look?
Exfoliate the night before. Then Moisturize and use light powder and without knowing your skin type and color I can't provide help with colors but go with subtle tones, mascara and lip gloss. This will feel and look natural and you boy will love it!

Tip:Use really light shade of eyeshadow under your eyes to lighten the dark circles (if you have any). Plus it makes your eyes look brighter.
Concealer/Foundation/Liquid liner on top lid (smudge it around)/Curl lashes/ Mascara/Blush/Nude lipstick/lipgloss.

If you are light toned go with pink eyeshadow.

If you are medium toned go with plum eyeshadow.

If you are dark-toned go with brown-coffee colours.
Well, just go for less. Use browns or pinks if anything and perhaps don't use eyeliner if you usually do. Some foundation and/or powder, little eyeshadow, and a bit of mascara.
use peachish blush on the apples of your cheeks, swipe a little bit of light brown eyeshadow on your eyes, but black mascara only on the top of your eyelashes and use a lighley tinted high gloss lipgloss! hope I helped! : )

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