Saturday, December 5, 2009

Makeup Advice for brown eyes?

HI, im fifteen. I have brown/ hazel eyes with long light brown hair i dont wear any eye liner or anything like that, but i was wondering how i could bring out my eye color and make my eyes look bigger. i would be up to wearing anything but eyeliner. Thanks for the help!Makeup Advice for brown eyes?
My friend has brown eyes so she use gold eyeshadow and it looks great - also for going out or a party, try a gold barry m dazzle dust (if you are american don't know if you can get it there soz)

Pretty, springtime eyes can be created using some of the pastel, eye shadow colors - pale pink maybe?

Definitely try the smokey eye look and experiment with lots of different colors.

also wear a big volume mascara to draw attention to the eyes or try rimmel london sexy curves mascara

hope this helps :)Makeup Advice for brown eyes?
Purple eyeshadows really help to bring out brown eyes. Since your 15 a shimmer purple should work fantastic. You can find beautiful colors in the Loreal HIP line at WalMart, Target, etc. Covergirl also has a few great purple shades. Give it a try! Have fun!!
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