Saturday, December 5, 2009

Makeup advice for senior pictures?

i kind of have a round/long face with long dark brown hair and like gray eyes.. also im going to wear a yellow dress witth a structured black short sleeved sweater and im should i do my makeup and hair so i look good for the picutres?Makeup advice for senior pictures?
you should curl your hair, if you have a forehead you think will be distracting then leave a bang, if not then you could do a hump in the front using a Bump It, which they sell at claire's now! as for your make up, you could really bring out your top and bottom lashes by using lash blast mascara or the new stiletto mascara or define-a-lash, or all three. then you could thinly line your eye with a pencil liner and use a black shadow in the corners of your eyes. and to really bring out the structure of your eyebrows you could use a cream color shadow right under your brow for a shimmer effect. and make sure you put concealer and foundation under your eye and a little powder all over your face to prevent shine.Makeup advice for senior pictures?
I would put foundation with some bronzer and black eyeliner and black mascara and a light pink eyeshadow with a light lip gloss.
put on a base of foundation. apply black or brown eyeliner to your eyes but don't overdo it. then sweep some bronzer under your cheekbones to give a slimming effect to the face
wtf senior pics? it's july. you're still not out of school??? dayum, that sucks.

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