Friday, December 11, 2009

School Picture makeup advice?

So I don't want to have too much makeup in my school pic, so what should I have to make my pic look good? School Picture makeup advice?
picking how to wear and what makeup to use for school pictures is always a tricky decision. you are right, you don't want to much.

what i WOULD go for is

for eyes: a very light eyeliner on both bottom and top of your eye, some thick mascara but don't over power it, and to top it off get a nice light eyeshadow that matches your shirt for your picture :]

for cheeks: try some bronzer. you can get it at any drugstore or stores like target and meijer for pretty cheap. this stuff really lights up your face. :]

hope i helped.

good luck with pictures!!School Picture makeup advice?
Stay away from rainbow colors. Stick with browns, light pinks, nudes...etc.

Concealer to cover up zits (trust me, i had a face full of pimples on picture day and with a good bit of concealer, i looked completly clear)

Pressed powder to ';matte'; like the other person said, your appearence. you don't want to look too shiny

dark brown eyeliner


clear lipgloss if you wish (this isn't necessary)

that's what i would do.
stick to neutral colors like light browns and medium browns for eyes. use a skin tones brown all over the lid and do not pass the creases. then use a medium brown in the creases only to define them. blend blend blend!

make sure that your skin is matte. this is VERY important. since schools dont have top of the line photographers, the lighting wont be good. the flash will enhance any shine. EW! so powder your nose and forehead and anything that is shiny. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS MATTIFIED! its so embarassing to look in the yearbook and see this white glare on your forehead. trust me, i see it in yearbooks all the time.

a little eyeliner and some mascara and you are set

dont go overboard on makeup though. you dont want people to know you as the girl who wears a lot of makeup. you want them to know you as you.
Don't worry about looking like you have too much makeup on in a pic. That's when you should make sure you have enough on. The lights drown out your skin color and nothing looks as it really is. So make sure you use foundation and a powder or bronzer over it and at least some eyeliner and lipgloss.
Well it hard to determine since you dont have a pic of yourself in your question. My honest suggestion would be to go and get your makeup done at your favorite makeup counter then try and do yourself.
Some color on your lips and some blush.

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