Friday, December 11, 2009

I have full lips, any makeup advice?

Well I have big full lips, but I don't know what

to put on them as makeup cuz then they end

up looking bigger. I'm kinda light skinned and

average. I hate lipgloss, I only put clear

chapstick. Thanks.I have full lips, any makeup advice?
Maybe you can try a sheer colored chap stick instead, or like a nude colored lip stick,

ps I agree with meg!I have full lips, any makeup advice?
I have big lips too :)

if you haven't ever tried a lipstain, you should. I use lip gloss so I don't know if it'll make them look bigger, but you can always try :)

It'll bring them out more, and big lips are envied and sought out for by a lot of people.
full lips is pure SEEXXXYYYY, loveee eem! lipgloss lipstick anything would look stunning! seriously girl, love your lips! some girls dream of having those nice full lips.

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