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Any advice about becoming a makeup artist?

What is the process for a high fashion makeup artist?Any advice about becoming a makeup artist?
Start out practicing on any friend who will sit still. Your mom friends and if you flirt a bit even boys will usually let ya do it. Once you are comfortable try getting a part time job at a counter. Most if not all will train you on how to use their products. There are also some really great schools out there to help you in this process. Schools can become expensive and take a lot of your time. That's why I recommend a part time job first. That way you can see if you like it before you commit your time, energy, and hard earned coins. Most schools will also allow a tour or for you to sit in during part of an actual class so you can gauge it that way too. Hope this helped and good luck!!!Any advice about becoming a makeup artist?
there is some very useful info here

Perhaps you should try to do makeup for motion pictures or maybe even modeling agencies
go to an agency and ask them to let you practise on the models. they will let you!!
I am a makeup artist and self taught. I don't believe you need to go out and do an expensive course to learn make up. If you are naturally artistic all you need is imagination, practice, and a portfolio.

I started out doing make up for friends formals, weddings, etc. Eventually word spread, and I was working for photographers and model portfolios. My advice is:

Get plenty of photo's of your work and keep them in a book. This is for you to show to clients who want to test with you.

When you feel extra confident and have plenty of practice, start putting together a professional portfolio. If you know an amatuer photographer that is best, and get some friends to sit for you and you do their make up and have the photographer take some really nice shots.

Once you have a good portfolio, and feel that you can manage all kinds of work, approach agencies who manage make up artists. Most modelling agencies keep a number of artists on their books also and there are specific artistry agents too.

Before you do that, though, you have to be prepared for the work that will come your way. High Fashion can be very 'out there' and you have to have a comprehensive kit with anything and everything. Even body make up. You need to know how to shade a models face to make her nose thinner, wider, cheekbones higher, cover acne and scars, how to cover tattoos, everything...

So if you aren't 100% confident you should send around photos of your work to artist agencies and offer to assist other makeup artists for no pay, just to observe and help out with applying bases, etc. You can learn more about those specific skills as you watch them in action.

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