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Makeup advice and suggestions?

I have many problems when it comes to makeup i have naturally very fair skin but i also suffer from rosacea, which makes my cheeks very rosy. Also if i put too much makeup on to cover it up my face gets really hot and i start sweating. I have tried many different types of makeup but it is hard to find good coverage in such fair shades (sometime my skin is lighter than the brand's lightest shade)

So basically what i'm looking for is a light, natural looking makeup, that comes in very light shades but offers great coverage

any suggestions?Makeup advice and suggestions?
Since you start sweating when you use foundation it's best to use tinted moisturizer. Think foundation but way lighter. It evens out your skin color. Since it's also sheer it blends in way better then foundation. I like the Organic Wear tinted moisturizer (drugstores) and Juice Beauty Mineral Light Moisturizer (Sephora). Also if you use Smashbox Primer in green (Sephora) it'll reduce the redness. You might not want to since the reason you sweat is probably because you put to much make up on. When you're looking for make up look for words like sheer and sweat and water-proof. Makeup advice and suggestions?
I recommend Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. It feels like a marshmallow and its ultra light, it feels like you are wearing nothing!! It comes in really light shades too. But make sure you moisturize good before putting it on, because you can see the skin flaking.
Check out Prescriptives or Sheseido.
Hi! I use CoverFX and it works wonders.

The price may be a little high, but it covers sooo well (used on photoshoots for instance) that you can use just a tiny bit of it mixed with your regular foundation for a really flawless finish.

My skin is far from perfect and this really works, it looks natural and I don't need a lot of it at all. I've had my tube for about 4 months now and it's not empty yet, even though I wear foundation daily.

They have plenty of shades, so I'm sure you would not have a problem finding a very pale one. The ';Porcelain'; is the fairest, I think.鈥?/a>

If you're looking for something cheaper, the Sephora brand foundation is really good and has great coverage. It's on sale for 4$ right now...definetly worth it!!鈥?/a>

As far as brands you can get in drugstores, I'd go for Covergirl. Their TruBlend foundation does work, and is great for daily use.

TruBlend in ivory :鈥?/a>

Besides, it's affordable and comes in a lot of shades.

There's also their Outlast formula that lasts for the longest you don't have to worry about retouching.

Outlast in Ivory :鈥?/a>

All the foundations I have suggested might not be pale enough.

According to Allure, the two brands that offer the most pale shades is Mac and maybe check that out.

This one by Clinique has insanely good coverage :鈥?/a>

Mac Select :鈥?/a>

Look for products that have a hint of green in them, since green blocks out red.

I'd invest in a primer like this :鈥?/a>

All you need is a tiny bit of it to cover your problem areas, then you go over it all with a dab of foundation and a little bit of loose powder, and you're set for the day!

I'd buy a translucent loose powder since your skin is so fair, coloured ones might give a peachy or orange-y look.

I hope this was helpful!!


First I think you should start off with a green tinted foundation primer. The green is going to cancel out the red from the rosacea and you won't need to wear as much foundation. Smashbox has one for about $38 (ouch! I know, but it's worth it!). Then you can try a full coverage foundation applied with a buffer brush. It'll give you the full coverage with not much product. I'm not sure how light of a foundation you need, but hopefully this is a good place to start. Good luck!
try foundation.

im a 14 boy and i use it lots. it really helps!!

hope this helps
revlon has this foundation that starts white but self adjusts to your skin color

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