Friday, December 11, 2009

Prom makeup advice?

im asian black hair with a golden kinda ivory type skin tone, im not too pale or too dark. for prom im planning to wear a classy elegant dress thats going to be the color nude (not my skin color nude) just nude. Any tips on makeup? like lip color, eye shadow color, blush? that matches what i look like and what im wearing?Prom makeup advice?

Well I would go with a smokey brown.

1.apply a eye shadow that matches your skin. (like foundation colored, but don't use foundation)

2.apply with a medium brush a light brown, this should go up to about a finger away from the bottom of your eyebrow.

3.apply a darker brown on the whole lid

4.Then apply a black eyeshadow right above your eyelashes.

5. Lastly, apply some eyeliner on the rim of your eye, on the top, and right under the side corner of your eye, that should go about a quarter length under the eye.

As for blush.

Choose a color that's fairly light.

Then apply to your cheekbones.

And lip color.

I'm assuming you would look best with a deep red lipstick.

But it's your call.

I haven't seen you so I wouldn't 100% know.

Good luck!

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