Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can someone give me some advice on makeup?

I'm a high school girl athlete and I've never really worn much makeup except for theater and special occasions. I would kind of like to start using something to accent my eyes, but I'm not sure where to start. It needs to be quick and easy so I can get to the bus in the mornings and not have to wake up hours earlier, and I'd rather not have it smeared across my face at tennis practice. Does anyone have any techniques/products/guidelines/other stuff to offer?

(My eyes are milk-chocolatey brown, fyi.)Can someone give me some advice on makeup?
if your eyes look really bare then just try eyeliner, it takes not even five minutes to put on. if your eyelashes are light or short try mascara. you could try curling your eyelashes before putting on the mascara.

hope i helpedCan someone give me some advice on makeup?
Go gradually. Start with water proof mascara for a while, then move on to black eyeliner on your bottom outer corners, then make it heavier. Then add liner on top, possibly even a gold-shimmer shadow. Then curl your lashes and you should be good to go!
ok go to nordstroms or macys to a clinque counter ask for help they will show you how to do the make up what colors look good on you and it is a more expensive brand but it will help you get used to wearing more, so that you can move down to the drug store make up
Use a cream shadow, they don't run. Also, (if you care to) use a water-proof mascara. Almay has eye shadow kits for each colour eye, so you can see what colours are in the kit for brown eyes and then find those colours in cream shadows.
well id get it done perfentionaly or get the trios from almay for ur eyecolor for u i would use different purples and golds and dark rown accents[eyeliner, mascarra]

1)ALWAYZZZ moisturize ur face

2)Use a tinted moisturizer to even out ur skin tone

3)Use liquid foundation all over face

4)Use a concealer on top(the concealer should be 1 shade lighter then ur skin tone)

5)If u don't want ur face to look oily wear a MATT face powder on top and it gives u full coverage.

6)to help u makeup stay on all day and prevent it from melting from the heat use MAC FIX PLUS ^_____^


1) on ur lids put on little bit of base

2 put on ur favorite eye shadow (pink,green,and blue looks wonderful for people with brown eyes)

3) (before buying ur eye shadows make sure there really pigmented) ( not dull,but shows up very well and bright)

4) Add brown or black eyeliner on ur top eye lid

5) Black or Brown mascara

6)Add white or pearl color shadow or linear on ur tear duct too make ur eyes looking bigger.

cream shadows and cream sticks works really well as an eye shadow=]

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