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How should I wear my makeup? I'm bored of the same colours! Also, dry lip advice!?

I always seem to wear the same look every day other than when I'm experimenting but I never know what to wear during the day. Usually dark colours and a lot of eyeliner and nothing on my lips. I don't want something that makes my teeth look yellowy for my lips. But I don't want it too bold either. Help! Also, I pretty much have perminantly dry lips no matter how much balm I use. Any tips?How should I wear my makeup? I'm bored of the same colours! Also, dry lip advice!?
For the dry lips:

-make sure you are drinking enough water %26lt;-KEY

-are you using the right kind of lip balm? for a base balm, avoid the flavored, colored, or fancy stuff. Chapstick's ';moisturizer';, I believe its aloe based and its the blue stick...does miracles! I wear it every day, all day, and even under lip stick/gloss. I also like Burt's Bees honey based lip balm. I'm addicted to lip balm, I think I put it on every 5-10 min. And my lips are kissably soft ;-)

-you can also try exfoliating your lips if they are cracked. Try using a toothbrush and a rich moisterizing cleaner.How should I wear my makeup? I'm bored of the same colours! Also, dry lip advice!?
Try like navy blue,plum, and grey eyeliners. (blue and plum really bring out any eye colors)

for the chapped lips

step 1. Use balms made with beeswax, cocoa butter or petroleum jelly or beeswax for chapped lips several times a day. Make sure that you avoid balms with ingredients such as camphor or phenol which are actually irritants that will dry, chapped lips even worse.


Be aware of items which dry your lips, such as caffeine, alcohol, sun, wind and lip balms with flavors which cause you to lick your lips.

Vary the amount of eyeliner you use. Save the more dramatic looks with more eyeliner for night time, and wear less during the day. You could also wing your eyeliner (Sort of like Amy Whinehouse but no quite as bold) sometimes for a bit of a difference. Wear different color eyeshadows as well.

For dry lips, use vaseline every night and every morning. I had it on for maybe 10 minutes and it made them super soft. When youre at school or work or w/e and you dont wanna lug a whole thing of vaseline around with you, keep chapstick or lip balm on your lips at all times.

Hope this helped =]
Wear some light tone lip gloss.

And wear some beeswax on your lips to moisturize them.
Try wearing your makeup like Mimi on The Drew Cary Show
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  • Do you guys have any makeup advice for a blonde curly haired girl???i need it realy bad!!!:[?

    I'm assuming you have light skin. I would strongly recommend you avoid black anything. Unless you want that strung out druggie look--some people like it. Black is harder to do for blonds, and a lot of people don't consider it a daytime look. If you really want to try black eyeliner, don't do a straight line; smudge it a little with a makeup sponge. You could go cheap for smudging eyeliner, but I would suggest you buy high quality sponges for foundation, if you wear it.

    If you're new to makeup, I would go with a blackbrown mascara, a brown eyeliner, a pinky blush, a large blush brush, and some colored lipgloss. Lipgloss is easier than lipstick, and you really need a large blush brush to get the blush on right. Start at your apples (the part of your cheek that is biggest when you smile) and brush to your hairline--go up when you brush it out. Unless you want your eyes to look smaller, NEVER put eyeliner on your inner lid, put it under your eyes only. I wouldn't recommend lining your upper eye yet, it can be tricky. And most people use liquid for the upper eye, which I never got the hang of.Do you guys have any makeup advice for a blonde curly haired girl???i need it realy bad!!!:[?
    use dark colarsDo you guys have any makeup advice for a blonde curly haired girl???i need it realy bad!!!:[?
    Try any of these tips.

    Go heavy (not like a clown) on the eyemakeup but very natural on everything else.

    If using black eyeliner go light on the rest of the makeup. All natural.

    Apply pink blush to the apples of cheeks, use a feminine (pinkish,not too pink) eyeshadow and a shiney lipgloss. Go light on the eyeliner or wear none at all (just mascara). Very pretty.

    Try very pretty eyeshadows


    Makeup advice for a black girl?

    Ok, I'm 17 and I'm a caramel color and my mom is a few shades darker than me and rarely wears makeup so its kinda hard to get advice from her but I would really like to know where I can get makeup advice from? I have no idea what I should do w/ my eyes and stuff and right now, the only thing I wear is foundation %26amp; lip gloss cuz I don't want to make myself look like a clown by applying the wrong colors...

    Is there anywhere online I can go that can help girls who need makeup advice? I'm sooo lost! And if anyone HERE can help me that'd be great =]Makeup advice for a black girl?
    Me, my mother, and sister all have different skin complexions, but we all use Fashion Fair. It's for everyone of color and its awesome!

    They sell it in Department stores like Jc Penny and what not, so go to their makeup counter, more than likely there will be a AA woman or a woman of color, and she can show you how to apply the makeup and what colors you should wear.

    Thats what my mom did when I turned 17 and wanted to start wearing makeup. I still use them till this day.Makeup advice for a black girl?
    k im not black but my mom is a cosmetologist, first dont even put foundation, ur skin is beautiful just as it is, for u i suggest black eyeliner, it works wonders!!! and a very shimmery and natural eyeshadow would look wonderful on u

    u should always put natural colors so then u LOOK natural, especially for ur skin color, for ur lips i suggest a light brown shimmery gloss too and if u might wanna put some blush try a dark red, good luck! hope this helps!
    i would say light pink lip color and blush and maybe soft lavendar eye color and of course MASCARA and LIPGLOSS
    I agree with the above answer. Also try the library for artists' books regarding technique and proper color matching.
    you can go to the mall and ask one of the consultants for good colors....or Mary Kay people.....they aren't just for old ladies anymore........but go for something natural first......try for a smokey eye......never do blues unless u are super light but still only do a light blue........olive green seems to work sometimes!!!...purple works for me!
    Being African American myself I suggest going to a department store that sells makeup for black women and getting a free make over. Bobbi brown and Mac are two o my at the counter you have a variety of choices and excellent lighting

    I want to sell arbonne makeup can anyone give me advice?

    If i do it full time will i make good money? i would really like to talk to some one who is an arbonne consultant so i can ask more questions thank you.I want to sell arbonne makeup can anyone give me advice?
    Hi There!

    I have been with Arbonne since April of 2006 and still going strong. I have a very successful team and love what I do! I think that it's very important to enjoy and believe in the products that you share, have passion for the business, believe in the company, and have faith in yourself. I always recommend trying some samples, listening in on some conference call trainings, researching info, talking to friends and/or experienced consultants, etc. to get an idea of what would be a good fit for you.

    By simply sharing Arbonne's products and opportunity and redirecting people to their website, I've been able to earn a supplemental income that has allowed me to stay home and spend quality time with my children, working about 10-15 hours a week. There are 7 avenues of income to help you build a successful home based business including retail profit, bonuses, Mercedes Benz Program, overrides, life insurance benefits, travel opportunities, and monthly campaign and incentive programs. The success of consultants depends on their efforts, just like with any network marketing business. The faster you grow your team, teach and train them, and get into activity, the faster you will see a nice paycheck.

    Unfortunately many people get into network marketing and expect the business to run itself. This isn't the case. Arbonne has a simple success plan with free online training and support to help guide consultants through their journey. But it does take a lot of work and sometimes a little sacrifice. It's only $29 to start with no monthly requirements, obligations, inventory, mandatory meetings, or minimums.

    You can read about Arbonne's success stories, corporate information, product knowledge, and company info on their website. It's so easy and so much fun. I have the opportunity to work with my closest friends and family while doing something that I love. I would be happy to share more about what I do with you. If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to visit my website and/or email me and I'll be happy to help you.

    Best of luck!I want to sell arbonne makeup can anyone give me advice?
    Hi there...I am happy to hear that you are interested in learning about Arbonne. I would love to plug you to one of our calls so you can get more information. Or simply visit our homepage and listen to the Sizzle Opportunity. Please feel free to email me for any questions.

    Dark green advice/tips? please?

    any advice that would help me with making my dark green eyes stand out would be great. tips about makeup, fashion, or colors would be a good help.

    thanks.Dark green advice/tips? please?
    keep it simple.. black eyeliner or mascara would look nice..Dark green advice/tips? please?
    black eyliner and dark eyemakeup in general.
    use purple-ish eye shadows.. it makes them look more vivid green.. i have greenish eyes too.. i also like to use pinks, blues, greens and silver..

    I want the hair and makeup of miranda cosgrove. when her hair is in that loos curl and her makeup. advice?

    why would you want her hair and makeup, it looks so ugly! but if you want it like that then you should curl your hair at the ends and messy it up a bit. then put some tropical berry gloss on your lips and light mascara.

    Help! i have a talent show and need makeup advice?

    i have to looke like a marionete doll! HELPHelp! i have a talent show and need makeup advice?
    Wear deep red lipstick, and use a lot of blush. Also it would be cool if you could wear huge fake eye lashes.

    And of course you need the marionette lines down the corners of your mouth.Help! i have a talent show and need makeup advice?
    Like, french revolution, Marie Antoinette?
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  • I have Dirty Blonde hair and storm blue eyes and fair skin and a lil bit frekclesand i need makeup advice of?

    what kind of make up 2 put on so please please help this part of my ? okI have Dirty Blonde hair and storm blue eyes and fair skin and a lil bit frekclesand i need makeup advice of?
    Head over to the makeup aisle at your local drugstore or supermarket and pick up the following items:

    BROWN Great Lash mascara by Maybelline

    GRAY/BLUE eyeshadow by cover girl (they have tons of colors - stay away from the bright blues, try something a little more subtle)

    BRONZER - apply starting at the apples of your cheeks (always smile big when you are applying so you can start in the right place) and sweep back towards your hairline, but be careful not to overdo it! - Cover girl has a decent bronzer that is pretty inexpensive

    WETSLICKS by covergirl - I think that the colors ';honey'; and ';shimmershell'; would look great with your skin tone.

    For a more formal or dramatic look - add a brown eyeliner (I like the pencil, not the liquid kind - easier to apply) - just dot it along the outer edge of your eyelid and a darker lipcolor

    Viola! You're beautiful!

    Hope this helps! Sometimes you just need to experiment to find what looks best on you!I have Dirty Blonde hair and storm blue eyes and fair skin and a lil bit frekclesand i need makeup advice of?
    I have the Blonde hair, storm blue eyes, and fair skin but no freckles. What I do in the morning in foundation (but you really dont need it, i just have acne scars) BROWN eyeliner (top and bottom) and a light color gloss. It looks so natural! It's really pretty.
    use like a deep redish kinda natural colored type eyeshadow and mac ebony is a really good eyeliner
    face: if putting foundation,amke sure you put gently,and when you rub nicly,use powder that matches your skin tone,and powder on it your skin,make sure you put neck,so you will look even,on your skin!

    eyeliner: eyeliner looks hard to do ,i know i 've been throught ir! it! so now you frist take pencil liner,and put it close toyour lash line,annd put it half way by your lashes.then take eyeliner,and trace it over the pencil one,and go over the half line,and don't make a curve line,just extend a bit,by the end lash line.,(if you want,you can start thin by the inner eye,and get thcker by going further,AND THIS IS JUST A OPTION)

    eyeshadow:i would pick a color,that matches your hair,so when you leave you hair open,the eyeshadow will high light pick a general color(red,brown,purple) so pick differnet types of it like light,meduim, dark,and then put lines of the colors,go any way you like(loight dark meduim)(meduim,light,dak)and more)

    lips:for frekles,use clear lipgloss,which is always in style.

    hope i helped alot!
    i would use bare minerals it is an all natural cosmetic line and i have been using it and i have blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin too and it works amazing and it feels like you aren't wearing any make-up at all. here is the website check it out i know you will love it as much as i do!

    Plz give me some makeup advice?? *pics!!* ten pts best answer?

    well lately ive been struggling w/ makeup. i've been trying lots out, but i cant figure out which types 2 put on. can u suggest wat makeup i mite need, and sum tips on how 2 apply it good?

    here's my pic:;current=Picture215-1.gifPlz give me some makeup advice?? *pics!!* ten pts best answer?
    ok first you look good with out makeup but if you want to wear it, I would suggest starting with a bronzer that matches ur skin tone (but not too dark) apply lightly to face with a fluffy makeup brush, add light pinkish eye shadow to eye lids to accent ur eyes then put black mascara to eye lashes when u apply it move ur brush lightly side to side to get the clumpes out, to finish it off add a light sparkly pink lip gloss (dont put to much of anything still want it to look natural)

    HOPE I HELPED!!!Plz give me some makeup advice?? *pics!!* ten pts best answer?
    I had the exact same problem as you. So i went on YouTube a couple of days ago on how to put makeup on the right way and I found a video that's PERFECT. Here's the website:

    Btw, I also like this video b/c you know how girls at school put a lot of makeup on, well I would NEVER do that while I'm still a teenager b/c I saw this girl at my school that looks so pretty with makeup on and one day I guess she didn't have time to put makeup on in the morning or whatever and she looked TERRIBLE without makeup. Anyways, good luck on deciding how to do your makeup ;)
    WOW you are really pretty!

    i'd say your best features are either your lips or your eyes, pick one and go all the way with the makeup you put on either one

    if you pick your eyes, try a smoky eye

    first put on black/brown/navy eyeliner and smudge with a q tip

    (dont put the liner all around your eyes, it makes them look like a racoon's. go about 2/3 of the way on the bottom lash, a bit more on the top )

    then put on an really dark eyeshadow color, any one you want (brown or black is my favorite)

    then put a lighter shade of the same color just a bit farther up, closer to the browbone than the first

    then put a shimmery highlighter inside the corner of your eye closest to your nose and just under your eyebrow

    then put on mascara

    your skin looks awesome, no need for foundation. If you want to get rid of any dark circles under your eyes, concealer with yellow tints will cancel out the blue

    you could put on blush if you want, to highlight your cheekbones, just smile and brush it on the circles that are created

    for lips if you do anything with your eyes put on light pink or nude gloss, or u will look like a clown (and vice versa)

    if u only put on mascara, experiment with pink/red shades of lipstick/lipstain
    first of all with your round cheeks (thats a compliment) i would apply blush, and bronzer LIGHTLY to your face. dont use too much or else you will look fake. the natural look is in actually, so i would go with an earthy brown color for eyeshadow and a gold eyeliner for eyelids. I would use a black mascara also but first use an eyelash curler for a higher volume of lashes. Also just a tip for your hair, go to this site and consider a bang swipe its quite popular.
    You're really pretty, you have nice skin and ncie hair, so you don't need ALOT of makeup.

    You should get a good face wash to take your makeup off at night because that is VERY important to keep your skin nice, beautiful and acne free! I use Neutrogena blackhead remover, because it has little blue beads that take out all the makeup and dirt from your pores. Make sure to wash off ur makeup with it everryy night, or else your skin will start to look worn off and ugly =\.

    I recommend you use Mineral Powder makeup, because its very light and its not really oily. Oh! and also before your apply the foundation you should apply a face lotion or moisturizer, just another way to take care of your skin =].

    For your eyes, your DON'T need to buy expensive eyeshadows like Mac and all those brands.. that's after you get used to wearing makeup and you want to go to the next level =].

    You should use natural and light eyeshadows for starters. Any colors work, but its just basically having different tones, for instance if you want to use pink, put the lightest pink on the inner side of your eyelid (The side closest to your nose), and then a medium pink on the middle of your eyelid, and then the darkest pink, or black, on the outer side of your eyelid (the side closer to your ears!). ALWAYS after applying eyeshadow you have to get a puffy brush, and rub the edges of where you applied your eyeshadow, like the outer edges, so it doesn't have any HARD edges, because u want it to look nice and blurred on the edges so it's soft.

    Then you can just get a black eyeliner pencil, or any color! I got a really pretty darkgreen eyeliner, and its nice! i put it on when I use blue eyeshadows or green.

    Then you could apply some blush, a pretty peachy pink tone, and apply it under your cheek bones, like grab the brush and stroke it from ALMOST the side of your lip, to your ears. Don't put too much, it should look light and natural. Then to balance it out you should put a liitttle bit on your nose, that u kan bearly see, and then on your forehead and chin. That's just so you don't look really white and hten ur cheeks just really pink.

    Hope this helps!

    Well first of all, you are very pretty missy.

    And I think that you should keep everything pretty simple, a lengthening mascara and eyeliner would look good and to finish just a medium pink lip gloss. Also curling your eye lashes would really make your eyes pop. And come to think of it, a light pink blush would look good too.


    happy makeup doing.

    i think you need a little bit of powder foundation to get rid of shiny-ness. you need some concealer under your eyes. maybe some eyeliner. i usually don't like it, but you have thin eyelashes so just a little bit, not enough to make u look emo. if you don't like eyeliner either, just do mascara on your top AND bottom lashes.
    a little eyeliner and mascara on the top always works. maybe a little lip gloss too. keep it natural. makeup is supposed to enhance your features, so you don't want to see heavy lines of makeup
    id suggest a bit of foundation (powdered,) lipgloss and mascara but keep it natural...ur pretty without make up ...feel very lucky for that :)

    answer mine please?;_ylt=Ar_3D2HoupFbJjxq3_GBxQvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090608144755AASObnC
    i dont know how to explain the look but heres the pic:鈥?/a>
    I think you would look really nice with some eyeliner

    Need advice on hair and makeup for hispanic (mexican) and black girls?

    My cousin is 14 and is having a ';makeover and sleepover party'; where they will be doing hair and makeup. She has asked me to help. Two of the girls coming over are mexican and have long black hair and have average mexican colored tan skin. Two of the girls that are coming over are black. One of the black girls has shoulder length hair and is light brown. The other girl has really short like a couple of inches long hair and is very very dark black skinned. Sorry if that sounds racist, I just don't know how else to describe them. Could someone give some advice about hair and makeup for them?Need advice on hair and makeup for hispanic (mexican) and black girls?
    Have them bring some of their mothers make up, or make up from home, for foundation. Pastel and glittery colors look great on really dark skin. Don't let any one at the party share mascara, or eye liner, (you can spread gonorrhea through eye make up.) make sure the blushes and eye make up match in tint, but don't have to match in color, so if you are going for warm colors stay warm if you are going for cool colors stay cool. and then some gloss. If any one knows how to braid that is fun to.Need advice on hair and makeup for hispanic (mexican) and black girls?
    ask them what they desire and try out the looks. Thats what its for(the party) i depise the outlining of lips with dark and no fill-in
    Iman (the model) wrote a book with pictures in it for women of color. Check it out from your library.
    dont put alot of makeup on them, like light colors for my mexican girls... LOL and on da black girls just put dark colores and lip gloss on both...
    less is best!!! a lot of make up is tacky from a mans stand point!!!

    Homecoming makeup advice?

    I bought this adorable black vintage dress for homecoming but I need to know what kind of makeup would go well with it. It's very pixie-like and unusual with lots of cute draping and an asymmetrical hem. It also has a low back with criss-crossing straps.

    Any ideas? I want to look either really really sexy (think smoky eye but kinda modern) or very angelic and fairy-ish (think lots of shimmery golds) etc. Thanks for your help!!Homecoming makeup advice?
    Okay, I think your basic black eyeliner and black mascara would be perfect. Smoky eyes will be really cool! As for eyeshadow, it kind of depends on your eye color too, but to pair it with a black dress, I think I really light shade of glittery silver would be perfect!

    Blush can be applied, just a little though. Foundation is a must, too. Lip gloss is optional.

    i would keep the makeup to a minimum because it's going to be so hot during homecoming, so if you feel like your makeup is going to cause any uncomfortable-ness, keep it to a minimum!Homecoming makeup advice?
    I'm kind of a fan of dark eye makeup so I'd say go with a black or a gray or a dark blue/purple/green (depends on your skin tone) eyeliner on the top and bottom then brush the lid with a dark shadow of the same shade. Let the shadow barely peek above the lid but only really lightly. Then go with a red-ish subtle gloss and mascara.

    o ya, and i wouldn't use brown anything...that tends to clash with black

    have fun at homecoming!!!!
    well i think that you should go for the smoky eye.

    but lyk you said...kinda modern.

    you could mix the two ideas and get a shimmery silver. that would be really pretty. (:

    black eyeliner and mascara too dont forgetxD
    Go for smoky eyes, with some shimmer on the brow bone. I think that would be really pretty! Put glitter in your hair too its a nice touch.
    i think you should use color!! like green or blue or something like that, it will make your eyes really pop

    Hey i need a hot hair style for tomorrow something cute but will attract attention makeup advice to please!?

    i have brunette hair that is wavy and can either go straight or curly and green eyesHey i need a hot hair style for tomorrow something cute but will attract attention makeup advice to please!?

    Concealer if you have dark circles or blemishes.

    Purple or black eyeliner to bring out those GORGEOUS! green eyes.

    Blush: just enough to look rosy and perky.

    Lipgloss or Chapstick.


    Put it in a pouf with it down and wavy!

    YOU GO GIRL! lol I sound like a makeup artist but I'm 13!!! teeheeHey i need a hot hair style for tomorrow something cute but will attract attention makeup advice to please!?
    Curly hair

    Make up -

    A light green eyeshadow


    Pink Light Lipgloss

    Pink Blush
    curly with bangs and sides pulled back with bobby pins and do black eyeliner, black mascara, and green eye shadow.
    dont do green eyeshadow if you have green eyes silly! do purple!鈥?/a>

    it makes your eyes pop more :)

    This girl has hundreds of videos on how to do your makeup!!

    Im young and need makeup advice?

    i am 14 and want to wear makeup. I dont want to wear much, but i want to make it look natural. Are there any tips on how to make my makeup look natural??Im young and need makeup advice?
    Use a tinted moisturizer, not foundation . Well, if you need foundation then use a little and match your skintone ! I know lots of girls at my school that use foundation 3 shades darker than their skin and it looks orange and gross . And it is very obvious . Use one coat of a soft black mascara on top and bottom lashes . And maybe a little brown eyeliner on your top and bottom lashline , except go 3/4 across the top and halfway on the bottom . Use a shiny sheer pink lip gloss (:Im young and need makeup advice?
    mascara and lipgloss
    mascara, lip gloss, %26amp; foundation, and if you would like than also eyeshadow.

    for the mascara apply it as you normally would maybe without curling your lashes

    lip gloss- pick a color that matches too your skin nothing to exotic looking like a deep purple or blue.

    foundation- only use it if you need too, dont apply to much %26amp; make sure it matches your skin tone.

    eyeshadow- pick a natural looking color ex. peach, light pink, cream, brown, %26amp; etc. something that would look good.

    also to make sure your makeup looks natural dont cake it on, %26amp; make sure not to look orange
    Some sheer pink lip gloss and a bit of mascara--you'll look fresh and natural.

    OR...there are products now that adjust their colors to your own skin tone. Check out the cherry crush lip and cheek stain by Stila.…

    I'm thinking that would prolly look very natural.
    ok i am also 14 and i have worn makeup for about a year now. if you have any blemishes, try a natural foundation. i first put on a medium tone of liquid, and then about the same tone, of powder. i would put some down your neck to your chest, so it doesnt look like a mask or anything. and maybe a little eyeliner. but mascara, i think you should go for that. just don't get bright colors. get natural, broad colors. i hope this helps ^.^
    Go with mostly neutral tones (browns, light pinks, etc.) Don't wear anything too flashy. If you're hair isn't dark, don't wear black mascara. Go with brown instead. Eyeliner could work, but the same rule applies for it as does the mascara, and be careful not to put it on too heavy. Hope I helped!
    just get some that kinda blend in with your skin tone
    you can use as much makeup as you want but as long as you can make it look natural which means don't use a lot a little goes a long way
    mascara. blush. lipgloss. eyeshadow.
    first of all, NO BLUSH, much too obvious.
    Honestly, I wouldn't start wearing makeup until you actually need it. Makeup, if it isn't oil free, can make your face break out, and once you start wearing it you sort of become addicted to it. If you really want some though, don't start out with too much concealer, go for a light bronzer. For your eyes do a light color for shadow, not blue. Try light pink or a brownish, and don't be too heavy on the eye liner. Mascara isn't really that necessary unless you have really small eye lashes. Lipstick isn't necessary either since you're pretty young, I'd go with a nice light lip gloss.

    lip gloss

    and thats it!
    first of all, make sure your rents are okay with it.

    start with the basics, then when you get comfortable with them, start using more.

    i'd start with foundation for a clear complexion, lip gloss, and mascara. then after a while, try adding in eyeshadow, concealer, lipstick, and eyeliner after a while if you're ready...
    just put on some mascara!

    dramatic effect with little effort :)
    just a little mascara and a little light pink or green eye shadow with light lip gloss. it really depends on what you look like. post another question wit a pic.
    use lip gloss without any color not a lot though, maybe put eye shadow on that is close to ur skin color. and maybe a little blush just a tenny wenny
    Now this is my kind of question. I'm also fourteen but I've been wearing makeup for a few years now. I started out with just eyeliner. But since you haven't been wearing it as long as I have, I'd so go get some mineral powder from a CVS or Rite Aid. Make sure it matches your skin tone and be sure to wash your face every morning and night to keep your pores from getting clogged. Then I think all you'll need is mascara and eyeliner for night time but you should wear it very light in the daytime. Hope this helps.
    yeeah, mascara, or a bit of foundation that really matches your skin, or just a little blush will give that ';rosy effect';
    If you wanna wear foundation and powder

    find one that isnt too thick and heavy.

    but just some lip gloss mascara and a lil bit of eyeshadow.

    and with the lip gloss get a clear or light pink one. the eyeshadow, go light.

    it depends on what your skin tone is and your hair color.

    light brown and light pink go good with about any hair color.
    Ask your mom to take you to the Clinique counter at a department store. They specialize in makeup for younger skin and can actually teach you correct techniques for makeup application.

    I should mention, though: I won't allow my daughter to wear makeup until high school, except for lip balm. Your mom may feel the same way.
    to get a neutral look use a nude-brown eye shadow, if you want to open your eyes more put a little liquid eye liner one the tip where your eye lashes are. then lip gloss thats it

    o you can wear eyeliner on the bottom too but not 2 much
    Dont, makeup ruins your skin in the long run
    I'm 13 and i make my make-up natural.

    Here are my tips on some common products:

    If you are very fair, blush will probably look more natural. When you put it on, you shouldn't see that much of a change, keep it subtle.

    If you are from like fair side of medium on, bronzer will probably look more natural. Try a multi-colored bronzer, looks more sun kissed.


    Go for a black brown or a regular black. Not jet black, if only brown and black are offered, choose brown.


    Go for brown instead of black. Don't be afraid to buy other colors, just apply thin. Unless it's a very light color, only line upper or lower.


    Go for light colors.

    Lip gloss-

    Go for nudes and pinks.

    If you have under eye circles...

    Under eye concealer-

    Nothing looks worse than caked under eye make-up. Keep it looking like there's no concealer, that you just don't have circles.
    use a lil eyeliner, and mb some eyeshadow and lipgloss i woulnt put on more than that, and remember dont use to muchh! lol =]
    Use Arbonne FYI! Products I LOVE THEM!!!!! They r not heavy and gross and oily it is safe naturaul and I love it!
    DO NOt and let me repeat DO NOT wear too much black eyeliner it will only make you look extremely fake along with fake eyebrows, and lip liner!!
    get a cover up that best matches ur skin tone. also use light eyeshadows and mascara..just wear on ur top lashes. that will help it lok more natural than obvious.
    i'm 14 too and i was in the exact same situation. i bought eyeliner, mascara and foundation by miss sporty. it's really good and the foundation looks natural. its sort of a liquid foundation. :)
    Same age as you and i put on eye liner and mascara but not too heavy. I wear good fondation on occations. Ands my skins Spot free (could be something to do with me toneing, Cleansing and mousterising every day. Pardon me for my spelling lol. :) good luck if thats the wright thing to day.
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  • Okay ladies, I need your makeup advice here.?

    I'm going makeup hunting tomorrow. I'm just looking for good quality makeup, that last for hours, applies nicely and plain out isn't crap. I dont need help on the colors, just on a good brand! Ideas? Thanks :)Okay ladies, I need your makeup advice here.?
    i'm a makeup snob and only use Chanel (but you can use Bourjouis, it's Chanel's sister it's about the same quality but not as expensive).

    but Laura Mercier is GREAT too, that formulation is good for sensitive skin.

    I also prefer Nars eyeshadows to mac.

    a lot of people are recommending bare minerals--i used to use that, but i HATED it. it went on too sheer and when i tried to make it have more coverage, it would be too reflective in pictures.Okay ladies, I need your makeup advice here.?
    ulta..they have pretty good makeup tat lasts longg..n its not tat expensive
    bareEscentuals/bareMinerals. GREATEST MAKEUP EVER. you can get it at a bareEscentuals store or at sephora and ulta. it's amazing stuff. you can read about it here:

    it's mineral makeup, so it doesn't clog your pores. you should see someone and ask them to apply it on you so you can make sure that it's your color and that you like it. i love it.

    as for mascara, i use fresh supernova. i think it looks natural (i've tried diorshow and i don't like how it makes my eyelashes look 100000x bigger). fresh looks very natural, you can get that at sephora and at any fresh store.鈥?/a>

    for eyeliner/eyelash curlers, i go to shu uemura. they have the best liquid eyeliner (and their pencil one is great too) and they have the best eyelash curler ever. you can get shu uemura at shu uemura and at sephora. you can also try out their eyelash curler, it's my favorite.

    make sure you wear sunblock before you apply all this, i use clinique super sheer city block spf 40.鈥?/a>

    you can get it at bloomingdale's (and probably at sephora, but i'm not sure about that one)

    good luck!
    The Body Shop make-up is great! All the make-up has marula oil in it so its crease resistant, long lasting and also helps to moisturize the skin.
    sephora and bare minerals are both good for me.
    You don't need to even go out of your house to find a great makeup brand- go to

    great quality at an affordable price!

    good luck!
    MAC is good and is sold only at the better stores. What I like about it it that it doesn't come off on your clothes.
    anything in the sephora brand! not anything in the store...but the specific brand. thats the only makeup i use and its never failed me.
    MAC, and Sephora are my FAVE places to buy make-up, and they are very good quality! ! !

    good luck!
    M-A-C makeup is the best hands down. Although I do really like Urban Decay high pigmented eye shadows. You can also try bare escentuials at Sephora for Powder. For mascara, its pricey, but the new Chanel is amazing.I have no lashes whatsoever but when I use that I feel very pretty :)
    Well I use bare escentuals, I have used it for a while and love it. I order it online, but I know there are stores out there.
    bare minerals rocks, you can get it at sephora and some indepdent spas and salons. it's like $20-25 a jar

    if that's out of your price range another great mineral make up is by physicians formula. it works just as good as bare minerals, and is half the price. you can get it at walmart and at drug stores

    Ok i am olive complexion and need advice on changing makeup?

    curently i am using loreol true match in caramel foundation.and i wear black liquid eyeliner with broneze eyeshadow and blushes are cupid by clinique and i kind of have tan skin i want to know people with not too dark not too light skin what kind of makeup u wear. my lips are not pink they have purple hue to them. i am tired of same old makeup.

    thanksOk i am olive complexion and need advice on changing makeup?
    my skin is like yours, but my lips aren't purplely. You should use the foundation that best suits you. if you want to change than get bare minerals because it works soooo well. ditch the makes your eyes look so small, but don't change it if you wear it every day and people are used to you with it on because thats looks weird sometimes. put on a light sheer pinky blush to bring out your tan cheeks and curl your eyelashes and put on mascara. less is more in the makeup world and you can look amazing if you just wear a touch. hope this helped, but expiriment with what you already have and then come up with something, because then you can see how it actually looks on you. hope this helped and good luck!Ok i am olive complexion and need advice on changing makeup?
    i think some facial care is needed to improve skin try the brand 'SIMPLE'..for skin is quite useful lol..i use does show improvement in skin

    ...use makeup from Fasio..they have new products in september tat r quite gd..
    I love using the products by Bee Luscious Cosmetics.

    I would suggest any of these many variations:

    Retexturizing primer a must have for all

    Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation

    Safari Mineral Bronzer in Congo

    Eyes: Gold minx , bronzite, cashmere or Brazilian nut are great colors

    Lips: LipTox Sheers in Contessa or Princess great colors sheer , sexy and seductive .

    search under bee royal products

    Makeup advice blue hair and brown eyes??

    I recently died my hair bright blue!! My eyes are brown, before school starts up i want makeup advice that gose with my eyes and hair that really pops!! Any advice or links?? Thank you so much for your help!Makeup advice blue hair and brown eyes??
    I do not have any links but try so green and sparkles add a really neat effect with blue hair, it helps people notice your face and not only your hair. Good luck I hope you find some links..Makeup advice blue hair and brown eyes??
    If you really want your eyes to stand out, i would advise using Orange-gold toned shadows. Reason number one, they look great on brown eyes, and reason number two, Oranges are complimentary to blues and so they won't compete for attention next to your blue hair. For your hair, because it is such a bright color, i would go for short, piece-y, layered look that will really make an impression.
    Why bother putting any makeup on your eyes at all - now that your hair is blue everyone is going to be looking at your hair and not at your face.

    Do you need makeup advice or help, or have questions?

    im going to school to become a makeup artist, i have a youtube account with tutorials. i answer EVERY question i am asked, and take almost every request.

    check out

    and subscribe if you have questions or requests.

    Do you need makeup advice or help, or have questions?
    thankyou for some much needed advice

    Advice tips , makeup help for tomorrow , going to a concert?

    there will be a concert there shortly tomorrow ,

    i want to look really pretty , i have bluey grey eyes and like black hair actually it's more dark brown.

    i'd like to look really nice , we're meeting up with some of the boys.

    whats a nice look?

    also how can i keep my hair straight for the whole day?

    thanks , i appreciate all your lovely answers.

    also what should i wear, its going to rain and its going to be not to warm and not too cold weather just in the middle.Advice tips , makeup help for tomorrow , going to a concert?
    try jeans with holes in them and wear flip flops and a favorite shirt not too dressy but kinda casual and a zip up hoodie.

    makeup try a little bit of black eyeliner with grey eyeshadow but not to heavy.

    hair use this product ';biosilk silk therapy'; it helps also with fly aways.Advice tips , makeup help for tomorrow , going to a concert?
    i would recommend getting it done at the mac counter at the mall, or searching youtube for tutorial videos.

    answer mine?;鈥?/a>
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  • Smoky eye makeup advice needed?

    I really like the smoky eye look, but when I do it in black, it just seems so harsh, and it becomes a mess after a few hours.

    So, I was wondering, for dark brown eyes, do you think the smoky look with dark green kohl would work? Gold eyeshadow (I'm tanned), then dark green all around the eyes?

    Or is it too strange?Smoky eye makeup advice needed?
    Try Panacea on youtube she did a great Kim Kardashian (not sure its spelt right don't know her) smoky eye it looked ok on me but it would look great on you because you have tanned skin.xSmoky eye makeup advice needed?
    When I do the smokey eye I use the covergirl eyeshadow quad, i don't know what the color is called but its the one with the silver,black, purple, and white!

    I put the silver on one half of my lid then i put the black on the outer part of the lid and blend it it.

    and i line my entire eye.

    i hope this helped =]
    That is way too strange.


    See, if you have dark brown eyes, use a bit of eggplant colored eyeshdow and smudge it itto the eye. right onto the eyelid. then use a dark black pencil, not kohl, and smudge it ontop of the eyesahdow. gold eyeshadow and your good to go!

    What are some hair/makeup advice?

    My daughter is in 6th grade and she keeps asking me how to make her hair ';shiny'; and ';glossy'; and she needs help with her makeup and I dont have any ideas. Help! She has dirty longish blonde hair and a round shape face if that matters. If not just answer the way that you think would be good.What are some hair/makeup advice?
    Pantene pro v really makes my hair shinyWhat are some hair/makeup advice?
    Well, for the makeup you could buy her some cover-up [if she needs it]. But please tell her NOT to drench herself in make-up. Girls get more made fun of if they wear a lot of make-up then if they are ugly. [Not saying your daughter is]. And buy a variety of colors in eyeshadow. That's all a 6th grader really needs. But don't forget to buy her lip products such as lip gloss and chap stick.


    Shay ♥
    maybe some shine serum?

    you could probably get a cheap one at walmart/target/stop %26amp; shop

    try rinsing her hair in cold water too.

    ohh %26amp; for the makeup,

    i'd say start off with mascara %26amp; lip gloss.

    maybe somee powder foundation [if she needs it]

    but make sure she washes it off every night andd tell her not to cake it on!

    good luck!

    Use cold water when showering because it helps prevent frizz. And after towel drying your hair add blow-dry it to wear its a less damp and then add some shine serum and mouse and some straigntening gel if you want it straight. Blow dry it dry and then use the cool shot on your blowdryer- to lock the hir folices faster to prevent frizz and helps wit hthe shine! hope this helped(:
    When I was in grade six, i really wanted to wear make up.

    My mom simply put a little black eyeshadow along my top lashline with an angle brush.

    It's not a lot, but to me, it seemed like a lot.

    Ever since then I haven't worn a lot of make up.

    If she wants that glossy look at wal mart they have a cream by

    Sun Silk that is amazing!!!! :) and i use it to and it works.

    and about the make out, just give her a lil eyeliner and mascara for a natural look
    Get some shine spray and glossing conditioner from the drugstore..... and dont let her wear makeup she will look like a hoebag.
    ya I agree with the first answer --pantene--

    Makeup Advice for My Sweet 16?

    Alright so I am having a Vampire/Gothic theme for my Sweet 16 and I need to know what I should do for my makeup, I have an apple red gown, fangs, Red tips in my hair etc. Now I usually wear black eyeliner and drag it out but I am looking for make up style to match this, while still maintaining to the theme. So anyone have any good gothic makeup style looks?Makeup Advice for My Sweet 16?
    Do nice and neat black eyeliner, lip liner, mascara, etc. Then smear it all! Neatly smear it though to wear it looks professionally jacked up. Finish it off with a little fake blood at the corner of your mouth and Wa-laa! The bride of Dracula!

    Hope I Helped in Scaring the Crap Out of Small Children!

    -鈾nigma Est茅tico 鈾?br>


    Powder your face white. Not heavy white, but like ';I'm dead'; white.

    Oh oh and red red lipstick.Glossy but don't over do it.Makeup Advice for My Sweet 16?
    I say color in your whole eyelid with black eyeliner and smudge it around so the WHOLE lid is black. No blush. Line the lips in black and THEN put red over it... gives it that deeper red lip but still looks sexy and not scary. Top off with the biggest false eyelashes you can find (two sets on top of each other if you don't find anything big enough), top only, and smudge black eyeliner around the bottom... bring the inner eye corners to a point (ala Jessica Simpson... scan through some images of her on google and you'll see it)... it's the ultimate cat-eye that is sassy not scary.

    Be sure to post photos afterward! :)鈥?/a>

    or go to

    i'm sure they've got some makeup ideas you could steal from them.

    have fun at your sweet16!
    black smokey eyes would look cute.

    and some red lipstick.
    black makeup red lips.

    Advice for a 12 year old about makeup and clothes?

    Ok so my mom does let mewhere makeup she said whatever i want because she thinks I am responsible and doesnt see the big deal I already where eyeliner,eyeshadow and mascara so can somebody give me tips on what else should be in my ';makeup bag';?? and also what are something every 12 year olds should hav ein their closets?? tHANKS lUIAdvice for a 12 year old about makeup and clothes?
    helluh skinny jeans (all colors)Advice for a 12 year old about makeup and clothes?
    Well you should definitely have pressed powder and eyelash curlers. Those are my essentials.

    For clothes:

    Jean mini skirts

    Fluffy linen-type skirts

    Denim and twill shorts

    T shirts


    Cami's and tanks

    A variety of shoes

    Skinny, bootcut, and sriaght leg jeans in a large assortment of shades. Flares if you like them.
    lip gloss or lipstick if ur that kind of girl in ur closet should be at least one pair of three in. heels two bubble dresses tons of skinny jeans and som cute hightops or vans oh and cute handbags
    Oil Blotters for ur skin. Ur skin will thank you. Ballet flats are awesome!

    Need eye makeup advice please?

    Ok, so my eyes are my favorite features but I can't seem to make them pop like I want. They're round and blue.

    But I just don't want them to make them bluer, I was them to look irresistible, you know?

    So what are the best products, colors and techniques to achieve this.Need eye makeup advice please?
    Try wearing browns and blacks. they will make any eye color pop, but your especially, because of the contrast.

    For techniques, I would say go with a smokey, which basically means wearing a dark gray all over the eye lid, and placing a darker color (for a black smokey eye, it would be black) and smoking it in. It can be done with any color, and you can alternate between brown and black for your eye color. Pat the color that goes on your lid on, and do a circular motion for the blending in of the darker color.

    Any brand works, just keep trying untilo you find one that you like. You don't need expensive shadows.

    PS: I agree, xsparkage is awesome!!Need eye makeup advice please?
    go to and type in xsparkage and watch her videos theyre soooo helpful i also have blue eyes but theyre extremely large and round and i didn't know what to do because i hate contacts they feel weird or i just didnt know how to use them idk but anyways i always use her videos i love them hope i helped
    I was always told to use a contrasting color. Browns would best suit you. Try to go lighter on the inside (towards the bridge of your nose) and darker on the outside. Good luck.

    Could any professional makeup artists/Sephora employees give me some advice on ';summer makeup'; looks?

    I'm going to be spending my summer chilling in the glamorous Manhattan Beach in California at my aunt's townhouse, which is practically yards away from the beach. I was just wondering if going with sheer blue lip gloss to cool my natural lip colour and pale-to-light shimmery gold dewy eyeshadow would be appropriate for that California summer look? Is it?? Please help!!

    NOTE: I have ';cinnamon'; brown hair, seafoam green eyes, and a light porcelain skin complexion.Could any professional makeup artists/Sephora employees give me some advice on ';summer makeup'; looks?
    As a professional makeup artist for over 20 years you are using way too much for the beach in Cali. What you need is the Bee Luscious Cosmetics Mineral Core Lip Tint with SPF15 its light and a sheer barely there color that will also enhance as it protects your lips. Then just a bronzer and your done. Now for later off the beach or going out you can try also from bee luscious the dimensional eye shadow in Luminized or the mineral shadows in any of the earthy colors. Bark eyeliner and mascara along with your safari bronzer in Congo and you will have more guys staring than what you know what to do with trust old Ramone.Could any professional makeup artists/Sephora employees give me some advice on ';summer makeup'; looks?
    what'choo talkin 'bout?! i live in california and this is WAYYYYY too much make-up for the beach. if anything get a shimmery bronzer/blush and a thick shiny neutral lip gloss. california is all about the natural look.
    It would look nice, but probably not beach appropriate.
    just out on some waterproof mascara. i think that would be good!
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  • Prom makeup advice?

    im asian black hair with a golden kinda ivory type skin tone, im not too pale or too dark. for prom im planning to wear a classy elegant dress thats going to be the color nude (not my skin color nude) just nude. Any tips on makeup? like lip color, eye shadow color, blush? that matches what i look like and what im wearing?Prom makeup advice?

    Well I would go with a smokey brown.

    1.apply a eye shadow that matches your skin. (like foundation colored, but don't use foundation)

    2.apply with a medium brush a light brown, this should go up to about a finger away from the bottom of your eyebrow.

    3.apply a darker brown on the whole lid

    4.Then apply a black eyeshadow right above your eyelashes.

    5. Lastly, apply some eyeliner on the rim of your eye, on the top, and right under the side corner of your eye, that should go about a quarter length under the eye.

    As for blush.

    Choose a color that's fairly light.

    Then apply to your cheekbones.

    And lip color.

    I'm assuming you would look best with a deep red lipstick.

    But it's your call.

    I haven't seen you so I wouldn't 100% know.

    Good luck!

    Makeup advice what to do with my face?

    what do you think is the most important feature on your face to apply makeup...eyes cheekbones lips??Makeup advice what to do with my face?

    unless you have really bad skin, then coverup and powderMakeup advice what to do with my face?
    It depends on your facial features. Usually you take your best feature and highlight that with makeup and use a minimal amount on the rest of your face.
    applying makeup.

    now answer my question .
    To me, the eyes. People you talk to will be looking in your eyes, and it's best to make them pop. :)
    eyes just put eyeliner or mascara
    skin with foundation

    Next would be eyes.
    your eyes for sure :] first thing most people look at %26amp; notice.. your eyes tell it all.

    Makeup Advice!?

    I am going to a Martina McBride concert with my boyfriend on Saturday and want to get some makeup advice. I have blue eyes and fair skin. It's a night concert not day. any advice is great!Makeup Advice!?
    Since it's at night- Eyes: Dark Purples and Dark Browns OR some pretty green eye shadows. Usually light AND dark colors work at night. Dark Brown or Black Eyeliner on the middle of the bottom lid to the outside corner. Then use Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara. Some pinkish-brown lipstick w/ clear lip gloss over them. Now, use some Subtle Bronzer and pinkish Blush.

    Hair- You can probably just REALLY straighten it OR u could do some curls. You'll look good! Have fun!Makeup Advice!?
    black eyeliner not thick laveder eyeshadow or a light brown color black mascara light blush and lipgloss
    light blue eyeshdow


    LIGHT mascara
    Lavender eyeshadow, pale glossy lips and light pink cheek. I saw this look in a magazine and it was very pretty.

    Best Wishes


    Makeup advice!?

    ok i luvv to wear eyeshadow and mascara and eyeliner, but im an amuture and the eyeliner. i cant figure out how to put it on the top. any1 no how i can easily put eyeliner on without blinking like crazy and messin it all up??Makeup advice!?
    didnt i show u this b4?!?!?!?!?! lol ok ONCE AGAIN u hold yer eye closed with yer left hand and draw with yer write hand u dont need to have yer eye open while applying it and u draw little sweeps across the lash lineMakeup advice!?
    for me liquid eyeliner is easier to put on top of your eye
    I just hold down my eyelid by stretching it towards my temple, so it stays in place, wait till the liquid liner dries, and then let go.

    Works all the time!

    This is the home site to one of the best makeup artists of today.

    Click on ';Step-by-step makeup application'; and go through the process of putting on makeup from start to finish.
    Put it on your liquid line (above your bottom eyelashes next to your eye). Buy Smolder Eye Kohl from MAC. Its really easy to apply and doesnt run.
    you just need practice.
    I agree with CJ. I have been putting on eyeliner for years and I still blink. I also put my finger at the outside edge of my eye and pull towards my ear, while doing that I put on the eyeliner. People say that it might create wrinkles?
    just try and think about not blinking. you need practice with make-up but trust me you'll get it. if you do mess it up just grab a Q tip and make it a perfect line. hope this helps!
    Put your finger at the side of our eye and stretch the skin. it will flatten your top lid and give you more control. It will make help you to not blink everytime you try to apply the eyeliner.
    well,keep ur eye(closed or open) as steady as possible,and glide the liner as quick as u can,but becareful,dont put on too much,itll make u look cheap
    I always close my eyes when I put eyeliner on my top lid. It's a lot easier in my opinion.
    just close ur eye and look at it w/ ur other eye
    well some people don't even put eyliner on the part under the lashes, you can put it on right over the lashes and it will look good without it hurting. All you have to do is work on making it a straight line.

    Makeup advice..............?

    I don't know what to do. i bought this foundation from boots that is made for oily skin. I want to wear it without looking horrible with really noticable foundation lines and looking orange.

    I also want to know what colour eyeshadow would look right with blue eyes because i have lots of eyeshadows but I don't know if they look right.

    What should I do?Makeup advice..............?
    To avoid foundation lines just make sure that you blend well into your neck. Don't stop at your chin!!

    If that color looks orange on you that it must be the wrong shade, and you will have to trash it.

    A have blue eyes too and I have found that golds and plums look very good. They say that blue eye's should not use blue eyeshadow but I'm kinda daring and I find that I like greens and blues if I use it like an eyeliner or just in the outer corners.

    Just take lots of time and play around and find what looks good to you. Blend different colors together and use different techniques.Makeup advice..............?
    What kind of skin do you have? If you're relatively acne-free, all you need is a tinted moisturizer (Cover Girl makes some good stuff) and a good loose powder (I like Physician's Formula).

    Eyeshadow is tough because we don't know what you look like. Try to keep it earthy so your shadow doesn't draw attention from your blue eyes. If you like color, try a bright eye liner (I 鈾?teal!) and line your eyes with it in addition to using a SHEER shimmery shadow.
    You want me to make up advice? Okay, here goes...

    Never wear matching socks on a Thursday. This is the key to being healthy and wealthy for life.
    for the foundation if you apply it with a makeup sponge it will be even, and if you put face powder a shade lighter then your foundation and about the same shade as your skin it will look more natural.

    For the eyeshadow, Colors that look good on blue eyes would be Pink, Brown, Sometimes blue ((dependeing on the way you wear it )).
    First, I guess the rule of thumb is to test the foundation on the back of your hand and see how it blends. If it blends well on your hand, it should work for your face. I am pretty fair skinned and have pretty strong pink undertones. If I am not sure of the shade of foundation I should get, I always get it a little lighter. I find that the lighter shade usually blends better than the dark.

    Hope this helps:)
    Try It is made from natural ingredients and gives your skin a lovely natural look. It doesn't look orange.
    alright i study makeup so here i go... well first off if you bought the foundation did you buy the right color?? and if its a bit dark or a bit light when you apply it, apply it all the way to your neck, like right under your jaw and apply it the very ends of your face [like where your ears begin] and then buy a powder to put over it, to even it out. if its too dark buy a light powder. also after applying the foundation rub a cotton ball lightly over it to remove excess and rub the cotton ball from the edges of your face and jaw outwards [away from your face] to even out the edge.]

    eyeshadow.. depends on hair and skin

    blonde hair -- blue eyes -- light /dark skin = blues, browns, with brown eyeliner and brown/black mascara.

    brown hair -- blue eyes -- light or dark skin = browns, light pinks, purples, greens, no blue though it will take from your eyes.

    black hair -- blue eyes-- light or dark skin = any color except brown [clash with your hair]
    barry m dazzle dust is the best eyeshadow
    Just don't put alot on, make sure the layer of foundation is thin and try to put on as little as possible on line/wrinkles and just use a powder on them. When putting powder on around the mouth area blow out your cheeks so that the powder doesn't settle in the lines.

    The best colour eyeshadows for blue eyes are violets and I read.


    !!!!MAKEUP ADVICE!!!!?

    I'm part african american, have carmel-toned skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. What are the best brands of foundation and mascara for someone like me? Also, does anyone know what color eyeliner or shadow would suite my look? any tips? anyone? Guys you too, cuz you all know that women do all this for you!!!!!MAKEUP ADVICE!!!!?
    Cover Girl has a collection called Queen. It's for woman with darker skin tones. They have all the foundations, concealers, eye liners, eye shadows, that look good on your skin tone. You can buy it at any drug store.!!!!MAKEUP ADVICE!!!!?
    bear minerals.

    most amazing makeup ever. its expensive but 1 container will last about a year. plus it totally worth it
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  • Makeup advice!?

    i am in highschool but i don't wear makeup but i want to start does anyone have reccomendations for... where to buy makeup what i should wear daily how long i should spend putting on makeup ectMakeup advice!?
    Go to an ULTA store, they let you try some of their makeups on. If you want an easy natural look, you could try ID bare essestial...BUT its kinda pricey. At first, with all the experimentation, it could take a while to put it on, but after a while, no more than say, 6 min.

    You could also go with 'sheer' makeup that is basically a moisturizer with may be easier on the skin.

    If you're going to be all day in the sun, try a makeup with an SPF in it.

    Just go with conservative. Most people make the mistake of wearing way too too much make up. If applied properly, your face shouldn't scream that you've wearing it.

    Foundation, blush (very little goes a long way...DONT make it so you look like you have pink spots on your should be light enough to be natural...or close to it.), mascara, lip gloss (much better choice than lipstick most of the time), if you do eye shadow....go light.....

    You could also try asking someone who has a look you like, what they do...they'll usually be flattered and not mind telling you or giving you pointers.Makeup advice!?
    A nice make-up is one that looks natural. So since you are just starting out I would say use a little blush, some mascara and lip gloss. Dont go with dark lipstick or eyeshadow, because you dont wanna over-do it. Also, you can buy a good starter kit of make-up at walmart so you can afford to buy different things and see what you like without wasting alot of money. Eventually you can play with eyeshadow and liners and everything else. But a basic start would be nice, I think
    this has some great tips on skincare and makeup also how to apply on this article
    just eyeliner,a little shadow(baby blue,lilac,light pink)and a little gloss.....doesnt take me more than 10 minutes.u can buy it at any store but youre better off not buying the really cheap brands.......but i also like wet n wild theyre cheap but it doesnt suk.but try to go natural on some days with no makeup on b/c pple will get used to you with makeup and think u look weird without it.
    if i was you i would not worry about how long it takes you to put makeup on but to make sure that take you time in removing the make up. I dont know if you are in the uk but if so boots the chemist do a good range.
    Well you should go for something light and fairly sheer, try Bare Essential you can get it at Sephora ($18-$26)or on the cheaper side you can get the bare minerals from neutragena at a local drug store ($8-$12) and you should only use some powder, a little bit of blush and mascara any more than that might be overkill for a young girl.
    mascara and eye liner, thats it.

    spend 5 minutes.
    Just start with basics. . . eyeliner, mascara, some sort of foundation or powder for even skin tone and a light lip gloss. Try to find colors that compliment your skin color and always remember that ';less is more';.
    Have you heard of Mary Kay? Try to find a consultant in your area and see if you she can help you. I know it sounds ';old lady like'; but it's not! I'm 22 and I sell Mary Kay. try going to and towards the top of your screen you should see ';find a consultant'; then type in your zip code and try contacting them to see if that person is willing to help you. Trust me these girls remind me of the desperate housewife kinda of a thing and they are really nice and are eager to help you out. Good luck!
    ha ha, umm... you can buy makeup pretty much anywhere, when first starting out, go cheap! Go to wallmart and get foundation, powder, eye pencil, and possibly mascara and eye shadow. Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and a sheer sooth powder, some use the hard powers but i prefer the loose power you put on with a brush. For eye pencils if you have light hair go with a brown eye pencil, for darker hair go with a darker brown or black. Eye shadow could be whatever kind you want, go crazy, or go natural with light browns. And for mascara i like the lengthening and volumizing kinds. Hope i helped! :-D good luck!
    Dont start that's my best advice. Just use lip gloss with a slight sheen and maybe some eye make up that is natural to you skin tone. dont follow the MAC trends.
    Well to start have to go to the right place....I myself go to MAC because they hook you up with all their wonderful products......They have really nice makeup artists that will help you try on colors and even your foundation.....
    use whatever u feel u need. whatever u think will help enhance ur natural beauty. u can by make-up almost anywhere, and the amount of time always depends..... people have different ways of applying it and their own tastes. i suggest u should spend sometime one day just trying on different looks then choose the one u feel best in. since ur just starting i suggest mascara, and power and some lip gloss. that's what i started with then i went on and started using shadow and lip stain/gloss/lipstick whatever and eyeliner and stuff. u should work into it easy u don't wanna start wearing a ton of make-up at once u'll kinda look different to people and might freak them out, so go slow! p.s. once u get the hang of it, it can be so much fun!
    First, you will only need about 10 minutes tops to put on makeup. Anything over for going to school is a bit excessive. You should try buying a few basic pieces of makeup, some blush, a lipstick or two, eye shadow, mascare (but not necessary), and depending on your skin some concealer and foundation. I get my makeup in department stores at Estee Lauder, Clinique, Mac, etc. You may want to go in for a free makeover one day and see what they have to offer. I wouldn't get makeup through Claire's or other stores. Their makeup is not very good and could irritate your skin if it's really sensitive.

    Makeup advice ?

    I am blonde with blue eyes - pale ish - What wud be a good way 2 do my makeup ??? Help ! p.s eyeshadow dusnt look good on me !Makeup advice ?
    It depends what kind of skin tone you have?? Do you have a yellow tone or pinky tone? You can visit trained beauty advisors on make up counters at your shopping mall, who will match your skin tone for you and find you the perfect foundation and powder. If your quite pale you could also apply a light bronzing powder in the areas where you would get the sun naturally; cheek bones, bridge of the nose and forehead - you'll look lightly sunkissed. Also a pink blusher blended evenly into the cheekbones will give you warmth.

    As for eyeshadow, try colours to compliment the blue such as brick reds, coppers etc. Eyeliners can add depth and definition to the eyes. Try not to apply heavily as its a subtle look you want to achieve. Again you can recieve free consultations on a counter providing you buy a few products!

    Hope this helps! Good Luck!Makeup advice ?
    I would go with mascara, a medium pink lip gloss, and some bronze eyeshadow.
    you should really try this look i think its so nice...鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    HOPE U LIKE IT. =]
    purples and light blues and light pink!!! perfect
    Same here iv'e got blue eyes and blonde hair too !! I use a fawn or almond coloured foundation as t duits my skin tone better also don't use alot of bronzer and try to get some rose coloured blusher but not 2 much xhope if helped xx soph
    Maybe eye shadow hasn't done you any justice because you're not using it right. I'd really suggest trying some colors to bring out the blue in your eyes and make them pop.

    Maybe you could tone this idea done a couple hundred pegs and create something new and exciting:鈥?/a>

    Or, if you're trying to stick to the safer side, try what these three actresses did by using minor eye shadow, blush, and gloss.鈥?/a>

    Hope I've helped!
    For your blue eyes, i would suggest a light golden eyeshadow or a champagne color. I don't know how you feel about those colors, but they really can bring out blue eyes very nicely, because they create a contrast : ). Also, use a brownish black mascara to finish the look. I don't know how old you are, but i think that this simple look can suit many people. If you are under 14, then i would suggest just using a little bit of mascara on its own. I hope this helps!

    Makeup advice?

    hey, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good foundation? i have blotchy skin at times when im stressed and wondered if there was a full coverage foundation thats not too heavy and gives a natural flawless look?Makeup advice?
    MAC do lots of good foundations. And the staff give really good advice and tips.

    You said your in Scotland, me too.

    Harvey Nics in Edinburgh have a mac counter. Think there is 1 in Glasgow, not sure where else though. :)Makeup advice?
    I would do more than just cover it up with makeup. Do you use anything in the morning and at night? You can get produces that help with blotchy skin. After you have treated it then you should use makeup. Report Abuse

    L'Oreal, Infallible. It has good coverage, last 16 hours. It also looks good.

    PS always wear a light moisturiser under it.
    definatley shiseido. itz quite expensive but its light and dozent give the look that ur wearing alot. i think the liquid 1 looks best but that depends on u.
    i use a foundation i got at macey's called

    ';prescriptives exact makeup';.

    they will match the right tone with your skin right in the store.

    and they have it in full coverage too.

    and after u use it. u won't be able to see a single blotch.

    Free beauty tips on Makeup/

    Hairstyles %26amp; photo gallery

    Aftercare-hair highlighting/ /Weightloss /Hairremoval/ etc...

    try natural conditioner - use natural henna--

    check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:Henna on hair

    Read...Free Beauty tips on....natural and homemade methods to:

    Skincare/Acne-pimple cure/Blemishes/Whiteheads/Blackheads/

    Wrinkles/Freckles/Steaming/herbal recipe for skin

    Haircare/Dandruff/Hairloss/ Hot oil massages

    Henna on hair/Splitends/Oilyhair/Dryhair


    Eye care/Darkcircles/Puffiness/eyebags

    Herbal tips/Herbal recipe
    Nope. Can't say I've heard of one.
    Aveda it is alittle expensive buut is totally natural and no animals are tested!!
    Bare Minerals or Cover Girl.
    I have acne scars and uneven skin tone. I tried everything and the best one is Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish. It comes in a bottle for every day and in a compact with a sponge for heavier long lasting wear for nights out. If you can't afford it (拢18 for the bottle) then Max Factor Lasting Performance is great at giving full coverage but a little chalkier than the Elizabeth Arden one.
    are you in the UK? If so Perscriptives is the way forward. Available in larger Boots and Dept stores. They match the colour to your regular skin tone. It's not heavy - but makes anyone's skin look radiant, and totally gets rid of the dreaded blotch!
    Bare minerals works great
    I like the Clinique foundation. It covers well.
    I like Clinique myself. If you go to the mall, to Macy's or Dillards, you can get a free makeup consultation and they will choose a color that suits you best. Also, They will show you how to apply it. You don't have to buy makeup to get the free consultation. You can go to any of the makeup counters and they will do it for you. Like I said, I love Clinique, and they have a lot of makeup that is cool for younger girls. Good luck.
    I'm a beautician and i would say pay a visit to a good salon, may be pricey but you ll save in the long run.. get a skin analysis done and a good facial and they will be able to tell you better every1s skin is different ..i could tell you a brand that my skin agrees with ,me having the same problem , but it may not agree with you .

    good luck chick xo
    max factor balancing act,fab coverage and stays put all day
    go to they have good makeup with full coverage but also lets your skin breathe. Also feels like you have none on. Having a special right now, shipping cost only for a three month supply. Best of luck...........
    I like Loreal Quick Stick. It has excellent coverage.
    The new Cover Girl TruBlend Whipped Foundation is silky smooth and feels light as a feather compare to using a foundation that felt heavy and caked on. It has silicone elastomers, long chains of silicone molecules that leave tiny gaps in the finish to let your skin's natural tone shine through, while hiding imperfections. Like the rest of the TruBlend family, the 12 shades easily match 97% of skin tones with innovative pigments. The sleek glass container lets you apply it with a dip of a finger.
    well you should try covergirl advanced liquid poundation, it comes in a pump bottle. and then dust over bare essecentails powder ina lighter shade and then htere mineral veil!

    dont qoute me on the spelling!
    When I was younger I had the same problem and I used Clinique in the squeeze tube. It worked great.
    i really like Mineral Silk foundation. check out the website. the price is right, it is not too heavy but will cover any and all imperfections. you can get samples to begin with.
    I use a Mary Kay foundation. It goes on real smooth and looks

    good. The price is reasonable.
    There a few that are great for what you are looking for and when you get a chance to ought to go to the mall in Macys or Dillards and check out the different makeup counters..I suggest the following and they can help you find what you are seeking instead of the drug store and you have to try it when you get home



    Bare Essentials
    i used to use mac... but that is too harsh for everyday use and can cause major break outs. i found that chanel works wonders on all skin types and the coverage is amazing!
    top tips for killer spots that you can't cover, put a faint covering of any foundation on your face and then to hide the spots put a tiny blob on the area and rub the sides in, it looks like you've rubbed it all and then put a powder on top , trust me it works, but just remember to never leave make-up on at night and about twice a week use a face mask to toughen your skin ;) hope ive helped
    I have just switched to Mac. You may not need to use a full coverage foundation as they are very thick and usually make the problem worse. I used to think I needed a full coverage foundation but this new Mac one is only medium coverage and it is amazing! I look airbrushed everyday regardless of what my skin is doing!
    use a daily moisturiser before applying fountation, because the skin isnt so rough before u put foundation on and it shouldnt go blotchy.

    good luck!!
    honey ima makeu artist

    I recomend seventeen veryyyyyyyy natural

    see my pic

    open my Q
    I had the same problem when I was younger. I tried EVERY foundation I could find. I asked my dermatologist and she told me to use Almay's foundtations. It's light and has good coverage, and it won't make your skin worse, it acctually heals blemishes while you wear it. I still use it, it works great! You can try it out and if it doesn't work out for you keep trying new things! Only you know what works best for you!
    Dont know, something I never use.

    Makeup advice?

    I am going to a Christmas party 2night and I need some good makeup ideas.My outfit is a gold sequin tank top with a white blouse and a belt over it.Then probably a dark wash jean.I was going to do green and gold eye makeup but I dont think it will go with my outfit.Any ideas on how to do my make up?I got hazel eyes and tan skin.Thanks so much.Happy Holidays!Makeup advice?
    you could do gold with black, which would go with the gold in your outfit, using black eyeliner and mascara, then glittery gold eyeshadow, with black on the outer corners blended in. You could also use the gold on the inner corner of your lower lash line too, to make your eyes stand out.

    or for a contrast, you could do the same but using a silvery eyeshadow, with black eyeliner.

    xMerry Christmas!xMakeup advice?
    I'd go with smokey eyes.

    Black eyeliner with brown eyeshadow.
    i would try this look i think it would look great with your outfit鈥?/a>

    Makeup advice?

    I have marks and scars across my face.. which look unsightly. Also, my chin and forehead suffer from hyperpigmentation.

    Would anyone care to help?

    Thanks xxMakeup advice?
    there is a product called DERMABLEND made specifically for covering scars and uneven skin tone.Makeup advice?
    Brink neem juice/ apply neem face packs
    Free beauty tips on Makeup/Hair styles

    Also read.......natural and homemade methods to:

    Skincare/Acne cure/Blemishes/Whiteheads/Blackheads/


    Haircare/Dandruff/Hairloss/Hair removal/

    Henna on hair/Splitends/


    Eye care/Darkcircles/Puffiness

    Makeup/Hair styles
    Hi - Now a days, it can all disappear in a few weeks time, with little care...Use..products like NO MARKS / ERASER, ETC...

    Cheer Up....

    First Feel Beautifull...then you'll be surely looking Nicer by the day... (dont feel bad about what i said)
    first u gotta take care of ur skin..cleanse,moisturise then apply some lightening cream to diminish da scars and marks.
    First you need to treat those mark and scars, go to the drug store and buy some Vitamin-E caps or Coco Butter.....apply it to your face every night, that will help fade the marks, also even out skin tone, use a face wash for your skin type.

    As for make-up Try these Avon product, they work wonders;

    BEYOND COLOR Radiant Lifting Concealer

    BEYOND COLOR Line Softening Mousse Foundation

    PERSONAL MATCH Pressed Powder
    Try the Za'a true white essence that help you to get rid of dark spots ans acne scar...i've heard my friend said it's effective...good luck.
    try ur best to get the face lift but be a nice human being which matters most.
    apply revlon colorstay concealer
    Go to Sephora... they have this fantastic brand called Smashbox... the foundation is called Photo finish and it fills in scars and things like that. Go to sepora- they could help you
    Dermablend for maximum coverage. Sheer Cover also claims to help.
    Buy some concealer, foundation and a pressed powder.
    get some good foundation
    Find a concealer closely matched to the colour of your skin, but with a hint of yellow. (Yellow cancels out purple as it is the opposite colour in the spectrum to it). Apply it using a thin tipped brush for precision. Pat it gently with your finger so that it doesn't’t show, and then fix in place with loose powder. Then brush away the excess loose powder using a powder brush.

    * To conceal a blemish, start by applying Visine to a Qtip and applying it directly on the blemish. This will instantly reduce any redness. Then apply a concealer the same color as your foundation directly onto the blemish. It's best to use a synthetic brush for this. After you have applied the concealer, press it in with your finger to blend. This is called a spot concealing. Set with a translucent powder and off you go!
    WASH ur face everyday with fuller's earth and scrub ur marks and scars with lemon.In a month or two,u'll find ur marks and scars disappear.And if u need makeup advice,then visit
    Read some make up tips on this site also try some home remedies for scars

    Makeup Advice?

    I am 15 years old and starting junior year (Grade 11.) I have brown hair, dark brown eyes, and very pale skin with freckles (I have to wear light ivory foundation) My skin is slightly acne prone, but foundation easily covers up my minor blemishes. Please suggest cute and simple makeup for the first day of school and an everyday routine.Makeup Advice?
    For flawless, airbrushed looking skin, try Bare Minerals. They are so natural that you can actually sleep in it. They'll definitally enhance your skin tone too.

    For popping eyes, try using plums, purples, and browns. Also, black eyeliner on the bottom really makes the white part even brighter.

    I would also definitally recomend trying a lip plumper. They're fun if you don't want to play up your eyes some days.Makeup Advice?
    No heavy black eyeliner!!! seriously! use a peachy pink blush, dark brown eyeliner just on top lashline, and a gold-not too sparkly eyeshadow. One coat of black mascara, clear/light lip gloss.
    i think its almay but they have a whole thing for people wit brown eyes
    i don't know.. go to vicky belo..
    I'm fifteen and starting my junior year too!!

    Here, this is what you do.

    This only will take 5 to 10 minutes to do by yourself.

    1.put on moisturizer first before you put foundation on.

    2.use a light shimmery white eyeshadow and brush it under your brow and the dab a little dot on the teardrop of your eye.

    3.after brush eyeshadow on the all over your eyes.(golden brown,gold, light green, or a pale pink or purple)This will surely make your brown eyes pop.

    4.put just a little dark brown eyeliner on and mascara.

    5.Then put rosy or peach blush on your cheekbones.

    6. Lastly put a clear gloss on or a light pink.

    This look will absolutely make you look fresh and stunning!!

    hope i helped!!! :)
    keep the foundation but use maskara,eyeshodow and liner.

    when you use the eye shadow do one color on your eye lid and asike color up to your brow, make that the shadow on you eye matches what you are wereing.

    for your eye liner use black purple or brown then aply under eye and abouve eye.

    when you put on maskara you should get a curved brush and wipe off any extea maskara on the brush then aply, the curved brush is the easyest to use.

    put on your clothes first and do you hair, then do make up.
    try using light brown, dark brown, and purple eye shadow.. they will make your eyes totally pop! and also some purple eye liner will really enhance your eyes and also some good mascare..

    this should only take five minutes in the morning and you will look great!!!

    change to a slightly darker foundation and then lightly brush some bronzer over your cheek bones. try blending sparkerly white eyeshadow with a light pink shade across your eyelids. then apply a lash curl mascara. with a dark pink lip gloss. :)

    dont use eyeliner unless you really want to stand out.

    rimmel london and mayberline is great for eyewear.
    Use a tinted sunblock because it doubles up as a sunblock as well as a foundation. Apply a dash of blusher over your cheeks and the bridge of your nose to get a sunkissed blush.

    To achieve bigger and brighter looking eyes, use a crayon eyeliner to line eyes on your upper lids. Or if not, use an eyelash curler, and then apply mascara.

    For brown hair, use light brown lipgloss. Choose more natural tones that compliments your skin tone.

    If you have more time and a little more cash to spare, get shimmery powder (I recommend MAC's irediscent powder) and use a brush to apply it at your browbones and a little over the bridge of your nose. This helps to bring out your features and can gives an instant lift and brightness to your face! :)
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  • Makeup advice?

    Hi, I am an eighteen year old in desperate need of makeup advice. I have pale skin and blue/green eyes (predominately green though).

    I already have a great foundation from Avon which I love.

    I am looking for the best liquid eyeliners (Australian or well known brands available here). Also tips on how to use it.

    Colour and product suggestions for eyeshadow?


    Any other suggestions tips for a look I can use?

    P.S - I have brown hair. Acne prone skin.

    THANK YOU so much!Makeup advice?
    MAC Makeup is godsend

    MAC eyeliner is brilliant as well as all they're foundation brushes and blush brushes (they are quite expensive though)

    but if you're looking for fun, quirky, bold eyeshadow then definitely invest in some MAC eyeshadow, they come in little pots and are $20-30 i think

    if you're struggling with looks and stuff, why not go to your favourite makeup retailer and do a trial, at some places (like Revlon, Mac etc) you can spend around $90 and get makeup and a makeup trial done.

    i personally think that red cheeks (subtle red!) look nice on those with pale skin and green/blue eyes.

    with green/blue eyes try light colours, with blue eyes go for golds and shimmery colours

    with green eyes go for purple and browns.

    go for a light and natural look, not much heavy makeup but alot of mascaraMakeup advice?
    Ive searched and searched and discouvered the best liquid eyeliner is clinique . It goes for about $33 in Australia.

    To aply u will need to practice.for better results rest the elbow of the arm u are using to apply the liner on something in a comfy position.

    I find Lancome very good for mascara.

    Back to school makeup advice?

    okay. so im starting junior high and i def. wanna look good. im pretty clueless with makeup. so what brands, and colors and stuff? HELPP MEE.Back to school makeup advice?
    It just depends on what you are interested in wearing.

    Do you want just the basics



    and gloss?

    Or do you want to add the foundation, blush, and eyeshadow too?

    What is your budget? Are you restricted to drugstore brands or can you afford a few more expensive brands?

    Are you completely new to makeup or do you have some experience?鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    and this site will send you free samples you just pay $3.90 for shipping, scroll down to the 3rd Kit鈥?/a>

    If you have specific questions, email me and I will be happy to answer.Back to school makeup advice?
    Almay makes good products that won't hurt your eyes or skin, but some of the other brands make better makeup that will match you skin tone better. your only in Junior high, so not a lot of kids your age will wear a lot of make-up. Just a bit of mascara and eyeliner worked great with me. Almay also makes different eyeshadows for certain eye colors so they can match your eyes better. Don't go full out on your first day.
    since you're a beginner with makeup, i would try and stay away from all of the concealer and foundation out there. if you have pimples or whiteheads, start off with a face cleanser, i found out that Noxema works really well. it has special tingling beads in it and it really improves your skin. you can use it in the mornings, or when you take a shower the night before.

    for a fresh, dewy back-to-school look I would suggest a little bit of blush, probably cream blush. stick with the peach-pink colors. (MAYBELLINE CREAM MOUSSE BLUSH WORKS SOOO WELL!) dab some on with your fingers, but not too much! you don't want to look like a clown! it should look like you just pinched your cheeks a little bit.

    for eyeshadow, you should probably choose a light gold color. just sweep some on but dont brush it on too far above your cheekbones. covergirl should have a nice color.

    i don't know if you wear eyeliner or mascara yet, but stick to the browns, if you wear too much black your face will look too overdone! also, with eyeliner - dont line your bottom rims, line the tops instead, it will give you a more natural look. (TRY ULTA FOR EYELINER AND COVERGIRL FOR MASCARA!)

    remember: go natural! i hope the info helps! :)
    For middle school or junior high whatever you want to call it you don't really need make-up. It will only look like you are trying very, very hard. And you don't want that. But if you like have to wear make-up you could just wear a little mascra, I think covergirl is the best brand, but that is my opion. So yeah you don't really need to wear make-up.
    well, you want to keep it natural for school. I love Mary Kay.


    You want to use a mineral make up powder that's just a hint darker than your skin tone. You can use concealer to cover up any redness you may have. Then apply the mineral powder. For a good summer look you can use their bronzing beads. With a big brush run it over the beads and apply it all over face or just on cheeks for a blush.


    Talk to a Mary Kay or other make up expert to find your right shade of blush. Make a kissing face and swirl it on your cheek apples and swip it up to your temples and blend it with your fingers.


    Brown eyes: purple eyeliner

    Blue eyes: brown eyeliner

    Green eyes: black eyeliner

    use black mascara. If you use eye shadow, use what ever color matches your outfit!! (:

    and that's about it. a natural look for school.
    You really don't need to wear much at all especially cos you're quite young, basically just mascara, and possibly eyeliner but that might be a bit OTT. Basically buy BLACK mascara. To put on mascara just take out the lid, there'll be a brush on it. Be careful because when you first use it you might poke yourself in the eye! Just place it at the join between your top lashes and eyelid, and either brush it carefully upwards or blink against it. Then eyeliner if you're gonna use it (you dont need it, but if you want) - don't put on too much or it will look obvious. Get an eye pencil, black - try and get one that's 'soft kohl' since it's usually better and looks more natural than liquid. Do your bottom lid mainly, it's tricky and be careful but you'll get the hang of it! Just be careful not to use too much! good luck
    That's funny! I have ivory skin, dark blue eyes, and dark brown hair. What I say you should use is concealer (if you have any acne or red spots), clear lipgloss, and black or dark gray eyeliner to really bring out the eyes. When I started middle school that's what I wore, and it's not too much either.
    well if your starting junior high you don't want to wear too much. so start with something simple. maybe a little brown eyeliner and some pink eyeshadow and some mascara. You can go to department stores at the mall and they can show you what kind you can get and how to put it on.

    Good Luck!
    since your only starting junior high, you dont need that much

    some mascara, maybe a little eyeliner

    and some lipgloss

    thats alll you need.

    you dont want to look to fake on your first day of school


    Whats the best makeup advice you were ever given?

    1. Green concealer for blemishes and redness

    2. White dot in the inner corner of the eye to look fresher and more awake.

    3. Blue eye liner for red eyes.Whats the best makeup advice you were ever given?
    as natural as possible... cover blemishes... alittle mascara... light lipstick... wahla! beautiful!Whats the best makeup advice you were ever given?
    use black pencil eyeliner to create a winged look for your eyes. Then go over it with a black liquid eyeliner.
    When removing eye make up, rub towards your nose, pulling your eyes the other way causes wrinkles
    people with oily skin use oil-free powder foundation people with dry skin use a moisturizing foundation
    White eyeliner on your waterline really opens up your eyes.
    bend your mascara wand about 90 degrees for easier application
    Pat concealer in with your 4th finger.
    Make up is used to enhance and conceal not as a mask. :)
    dark eyeshadow goes on the crease of your eye.
    a LITTLE goes a long way
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