Friday, December 11, 2009

Homecoming makeup advice?

I bought this adorable black vintage dress for homecoming but I need to know what kind of makeup would go well with it. It's very pixie-like and unusual with lots of cute draping and an asymmetrical hem. It also has a low back with criss-crossing straps.

Any ideas? I want to look either really really sexy (think smoky eye but kinda modern) or very angelic and fairy-ish (think lots of shimmery golds) etc. Thanks for your help!!Homecoming makeup advice?
Okay, I think your basic black eyeliner and black mascara would be perfect. Smoky eyes will be really cool! As for eyeshadow, it kind of depends on your eye color too, but to pair it with a black dress, I think I really light shade of glittery silver would be perfect!

Blush can be applied, just a little though. Foundation is a must, too. Lip gloss is optional.

i would keep the makeup to a minimum because it's going to be so hot during homecoming, so if you feel like your makeup is going to cause any uncomfortable-ness, keep it to a minimum!Homecoming makeup advice?
I'm kind of a fan of dark eye makeup so I'd say go with a black or a gray or a dark blue/purple/green (depends on your skin tone) eyeliner on the top and bottom then brush the lid with a dark shadow of the same shade. Let the shadow barely peek above the lid but only really lightly. Then go with a red-ish subtle gloss and mascara.

o ya, and i wouldn't use brown anything...that tends to clash with black

have fun at homecoming!!!!
well i think that you should go for the smoky eye.

but lyk you said...kinda modern.

you could mix the two ideas and get a shimmery silver. that would be really pretty. (:

black eyeliner and mascara too dont forgetxD
Go for smoky eyes, with some shimmer on the brow bone. I think that would be really pretty! Put glitter in your hair too its a nice touch.
i think you should use color!! like green or blue or something like that, it will make your eyes really pop

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