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Plz give me some makeup advice?? *pics!!* ten pts best answer?

well lately ive been struggling w/ makeup. i've been trying lots out, but i cant figure out which types 2 put on. can u suggest wat makeup i mite need, and sum tips on how 2 apply it good?

here's my pic:;current=Picture215-1.gifPlz give me some makeup advice?? *pics!!* ten pts best answer?
ok first you look good with out makeup but if you want to wear it, I would suggest starting with a bronzer that matches ur skin tone (but not too dark) apply lightly to face with a fluffy makeup brush, add light pinkish eye shadow to eye lids to accent ur eyes then put black mascara to eye lashes when u apply it move ur brush lightly side to side to get the clumpes out, to finish it off add a light sparkly pink lip gloss (dont put to much of anything still want it to look natural)

HOPE I HELPED!!!Plz give me some makeup advice?? *pics!!* ten pts best answer?
I had the exact same problem as you. So i went on YouTube a couple of days ago on how to put makeup on the right way and I found a video that's PERFECT. Here's the website:

Btw, I also like this video b/c you know how girls at school put a lot of makeup on, well I would NEVER do that while I'm still a teenager b/c I saw this girl at my school that looks so pretty with makeup on and one day I guess she didn't have time to put makeup on in the morning or whatever and she looked TERRIBLE without makeup. Anyways, good luck on deciding how to do your makeup ;)
WOW you are really pretty!

i'd say your best features are either your lips or your eyes, pick one and go all the way with the makeup you put on either one

if you pick your eyes, try a smoky eye

first put on black/brown/navy eyeliner and smudge with a q tip

(dont put the liner all around your eyes, it makes them look like a racoon's. go about 2/3 of the way on the bottom lash, a bit more on the top )

then put on an really dark eyeshadow color, any one you want (brown or black is my favorite)

then put a lighter shade of the same color just a bit farther up, closer to the browbone than the first

then put a shimmery highlighter inside the corner of your eye closest to your nose and just under your eyebrow

then put on mascara

your skin looks awesome, no need for foundation. If you want to get rid of any dark circles under your eyes, concealer with yellow tints will cancel out the blue

you could put on blush if you want, to highlight your cheekbones, just smile and brush it on the circles that are created

for lips if you do anything with your eyes put on light pink or nude gloss, or u will look like a clown (and vice versa)

if u only put on mascara, experiment with pink/red shades of lipstick/lipstain
first of all with your round cheeks (thats a compliment) i would apply blush, and bronzer LIGHTLY to your face. dont use too much or else you will look fake. the natural look is in actually, so i would go with an earthy brown color for eyeshadow and a gold eyeliner for eyelids. I would use a black mascara also but first use an eyelash curler for a higher volume of lashes. Also just a tip for your hair, go to this site and consider a bang swipe its quite popular.
You're really pretty, you have nice skin and ncie hair, so you don't need ALOT of makeup.

You should get a good face wash to take your makeup off at night because that is VERY important to keep your skin nice, beautiful and acne free! I use Neutrogena blackhead remover, because it has little blue beads that take out all the makeup and dirt from your pores. Make sure to wash off ur makeup with it everryy night, or else your skin will start to look worn off and ugly =\.

I recommend you use Mineral Powder makeup, because its very light and its not really oily. Oh! and also before your apply the foundation you should apply a face lotion or moisturizer, just another way to take care of your skin =].

For your eyes, your DON'T need to buy expensive eyeshadows like Mac and all those brands.. that's after you get used to wearing makeup and you want to go to the next level =].

You should use natural and light eyeshadows for starters. Any colors work, but its just basically having different tones, for instance if you want to use pink, put the lightest pink on the inner side of your eyelid (The side closest to your nose), and then a medium pink on the middle of your eyelid, and then the darkest pink, or black, on the outer side of your eyelid (the side closer to your ears!). ALWAYS after applying eyeshadow you have to get a puffy brush, and rub the edges of where you applied your eyeshadow, like the outer edges, so it doesn't have any HARD edges, because u want it to look nice and blurred on the edges so it's soft.

Then you can just get a black eyeliner pencil, or any color! I got a really pretty darkgreen eyeliner, and its nice! i put it on when I use blue eyeshadows or green.

Then you could apply some blush, a pretty peachy pink tone, and apply it under your cheek bones, like grab the brush and stroke it from ALMOST the side of your lip, to your ears. Don't put too much, it should look light and natural. Then to balance it out you should put a liitttle bit on your nose, that u kan bearly see, and then on your forehead and chin. That's just so you don't look really white and hten ur cheeks just really pink.

Hope this helps!

Well first of all, you are very pretty missy.

And I think that you should keep everything pretty simple, a lengthening mascara and eyeliner would look good and to finish just a medium pink lip gloss. Also curling your eye lashes would really make your eyes pop. And come to think of it, a light pink blush would look good too.


happy makeup doing.

i think you need a little bit of powder foundation to get rid of shiny-ness. you need some concealer under your eyes. maybe some eyeliner. i usually don't like it, but you have thin eyelashes so just a little bit, not enough to make u look emo. if you don't like eyeliner either, just do mascara on your top AND bottom lashes.
a little eyeliner and mascara on the top always works. maybe a little lip gloss too. keep it natural. makeup is supposed to enhance your features, so you don't want to see heavy lines of makeup
id suggest a bit of foundation (powdered,) lipgloss and mascara but keep it natural...ur pretty without make up ...feel very lucky for that :)

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I think you would look really nice with some eyeliner

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