Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can anyone give me makeup advice? [Picture included]

So I want my eyes to look like this, any tips? Also give me suggestion or comments of what you think about it. anyone give me makeup advice? [Picture included]
i recommend using a lot of liquid liner since you can line the winged eyes and such

its weird to use at first, but its easy in no time

i like using urban decay, the brush is amazing

and last forever

use thick eyeliner both top and bottom (more on the top)

and think mascara, i use the marbelline darkest of dark, it works really well

and use powder or concealer that is light, and kind of pale, to really bright out the darkness of the makeup

also spice it up a little bit bye using electric purple eyeshadow or aqua, it sounds weird, but if you use it right it turns out great

urban decay eyeshadows are amazing!!

they have the prettiest colors

:)Can anyone give me makeup advice? [Picture included]
I did that once for a party look and it took a LONGGG time(but if you're used to it, then shoot), I used cream eyeliner(from mac, but I heard l'oreal carries a great one too), since liquid tends to crease up in a few hours, and I just apply it on my eyelids and clean them up with q-tips, and afterwards use smokey shadows on my bottom eyes. Effect was great, just remember don't over do it
i love scene-type makeup, but i'm not a fan of hers.

this one is fairly dramatic but i love it personally.
looks like dark black eye liner (most likely a moose eye liner) all over her eye lid and then swept up in a cat eye, then curl your eyes and mascara
black eyeliner.

black mascara.

and a heavy hand.
alot of eyeliner....

dark black mascara
Dont do that to yourself

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