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Whats the best bueaty/makeup advice you can possibly give?

Less is more, you can put more on, but you cant take some off.Whats the best bueaty/makeup advice you can possibly give?
Take care of your skinWhats the best bueaty/makeup advice you can possibly give?
Wash yoour face everyday, moistuize %26amp; dont overdo it. Guys prefer natural.
use cleansers and moisturizers and contact avon for a one on one appt. so you face to face contact. You can find a rep in your area. by goin to their website.
Always wash off your makeup after

Wear moisturizer

Tilt your head up to apply eye shadows on the top lid and tilt your head down for eyeliners and such

Use a primer so your eyeshadow doesn't crease

Some paint brushes work just as well as Mac brushes

Finding the right lipstick shade is trial and error

And also use your ring finger to apply concealer

Hope this helps!
Drink lots of water, exfoliate, and use lots of moisturiser.
if wearing a tinted moisturiser or foundation choose a tone that is closest to your skin tone as it should only hide imperfections and give a clear skin tone, not change the colour.

If you have the correct tone it will blend in easy and give a flawless complexion so you do not look like are wearing any. A light dusting of powder with a large make up brush in same tone as foundation will hold it in place and take away any oily shine. A good concealer is a must for under eye shadows and blemishes. Keep your make up light and fresh for a natural and radiant look, a light application of Mac Strada blush is lovely on the apples of the cheeks. Hope this helps you.
Two words....Bare Minerals!!!! You will thank me later.




best tips ever;

it gets you healthy, clear, spot-less skin

with no eye bagg !

which is so unattractive,

and foundation barely covers spots and bags anyway.

so just, that!!
wear make-up/lotions that are all natural! your skin is your largest breathing organ and when you put mineral oil(derivitive of crude oil) or tallow(really gross animal by-product) it suffacates your skin and you will get wrinkles!

everything i use is arbonne, from make-up to shampoo and vitamins...
All year round..

before you put on your makeup,

put sunscreen on your face.

It will protect your skin and in won't taint your makeup.

Make sure you use an oil free sunscreen meant for faces such as derma doctor.

Another one..

If you like to wear mascara on your bottom lashes...but it always ends up smudging right under your eyes..use a waterproof mascara on the bottom.

It won't smudge and it lasts all day.

I use maybelline xxl waterproof mascara.鈥?/a>

Hope you like them :)
wear your makeup so that it doesnt look like your wearing makeup.
Never ever go to bed with make-up on even though you're really tired and you've only got a little bit on, your skin will suffer and, really, it only takes seconds now with make-up and facial wipes. H x
wash your face every night and never go to bed with makeup on.
Go as natural as you can. If I know one thing its that guys hate fakes/ girls who wear too much make-up!
Moisturize! You'll be glad you did when you're 40 and everyone tells you how great your skin looks.
Your body reacts to what you eat; drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit n veg and keep meat to a minimum, you will look fantastic. Your skin will radiate natural health and beauty.

However, if you have a booze habit, sit in the sun, don't exercise or keep hydrated, eat junk food n take caffeinated drinks then you are asking for a shock every time you look in the mirror.

It just gets worse as you get older because toxins build up in your body giving you yellowish, grey skin, a horrible coating on your tongue - yuk who wants to kiss someone like that!- and lumps, bumps and spots on your skin.

It's a no brainer really.
when you get home from a day of work/school, always wash out your face thoroughly, preferable with a cleanser which contains Vitamin C to boost your radiance, so you don't have to worry about scrubs or exfoliators because they do harm your skin in a long run. After that, apply a moisturizer that's dry to touch, meaning no grease and oil AT ALL, or something with less than spf 15-16 in it if you will be watching TV or going online later so it protects you from the radiation they give. And always remember to drink half your weight of water, meaning dividing your total weight(in lbs) by 2, and drinking that about of water in fl.oz every single day to stay hydrated and pimple free :)

Makeup-wise(since I don't use foundation), i could only tell you that anything with talc, lead, bismuth dyoxide, and lanolin as ingredients has got to go, because they are very harmful for your skin in a long run, and NEVER sleep with your makeup on, because while you sleep, your pores will open up, and spurt out waste(oils, dirt, dead skin cells...etc), so you wouldn't want makeup to block that :)
Always wash and moisturize! For makeup, less is more! Pick a focal point and keep everything else to a minimum.

If you want to makeup your eyes a lot, keeps your lips simple- go for a sheer gloss or lighter lipstick. Or none at all!

If you want to sport a knockout lip shade, go lighter on the eyes- do a simple sweep of a color dark enough to match the bold lips (so you don't lose your eyes completely) but don't put three different colors up there or you'll look like a drag queen.

Be careful of the products you use as far as masks and whatnot. ESPECIALLY exfoilants! Make sure you get a top quality one- your ';natural'; exfoilants with oatmeal or ground shells can actually really harm your skin because they're not smooth and can actually burst the capillaries or scratch your skins surface and DON'T scrub! If you're battling acne or oily skin, being gently helps more- don't use too much harsh stuff.
don't use someone elses mascara or makeup that is more than 6 months old.. and don't put it on with a trowel...less is more!!
wash your face (never with soap), mosturise, and blusher

also always take music off at the end of the day as this causes spots
Stay out of the sun, suntanning beds and use sunblock. I see so many women look so wrinkle, leathery, and old and they are just in their thirties. Use the spray tan, you will be glad you did.
take a skin, nail and hair vitamin supplement.Drink plenty of water.cleanse tone and moisturise daily(you'll be glad you did in years to come)

Makeup,keep it natural.
Take great care of your skin!!!
Take care of your skin! Vitamins, do not smoke, drink lots of water, avoid sun damage and/or use sun protectant - no matter which beauty products you apply to your face - they won't do anything if you start with a neglected or damaged canvas!
cleanse tone and moisturies
to keep the wrinkles away, you want to cover your face

with the most thickest cream found possible.

i have found Ponds makeup remover, I put it on and

then rinse it off, ever so lightly, because it is kind of greasy,

but then there is a fine film you can still feel.

This will keep the moisture in.

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